Resident Evil 6 in Development?

"Earlier months (September), it was rumored a big announcement for one of the biggest projects of Capcom Resident Evil 6 that lots of people were taking about this rumor"

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silkrevolver2302d ago

I mean... probably.
Why wouldn’t it be?

Vandamme212302d ago

of course it is..RE5 sold 6 million units worldwide.

DarkBlood2302d ago

of course its in develop, already has been for a while, this was talked about few months back and we already know the main 2 character is going to be

SignifiedSix2302d ago

Its probably gonna end up being crap. They need to go back to their roots. Bring back the static camera angles and shit. I miss those days. That's what made the RE series so scary, now its not even close to scary...