Planet Xbox 360 Reviews Blacksite: Area 51

Planet Xbox 360 writes:

"Blacksite Area 51 is a textbook example of how half-assed ideas rushed to production become half-assed games. Instead of emulating Unreal, this game makes Hour of Victory look like Game of the Year. It's one thing for my fellow critics and me to call the game flawed, but when Blacksite designer Harvey Smith says, "this project was so f**ked up", that carries a little more weight (yes that is a quote). Smith points to numerous technical problems, saying the team didn't have adequate time to test and polish the game, and Blacksite went from alpha to final, skipping beta testing. He also intimated that many gamers failed to see the game's attempts at humor. We saw it Harvey we just didn't like it. Egghead programmers should stick to programming, and leave the bad jokes to Carrot Top."

Score: 6.7

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