Kevin Butler Promotes Best Buy 3D Display Deal – With a Monster Truck

Kevin Butler, VP of Awesome Videos, has teamed up with Best Buy for another explosive advert, this time showing off a new deal where you can buy Sony’s new PlayStation 3D TV Display and get a PS3 for only $100 - PSLS

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stormeagle62182d ago

If I were in the market for a 3D TV that'd be a damn good deal.

ambientFLIER2181d ago

But it's not a TV. No tuner.

doctorstrange2182d ago

I'd do that deal, and then sell the spare PS3

Sevir042182d ago

Very big deal! :-) but i've already got an awesome PS3 and an AWESOME Cinema 3d TV in the house! And its 42 inch! :-)

Ares902182d ago

Is that the tv that uses glasses from the movie theaters (I believe it's LG)??? Does the PS3 work with that tv????

Sevir042182d ago

And the picture quality is awesome! And the 3d is awesome!

jp_footy22182d ago

I think the ad is awesome but i don't think they should've showed the guys with the 3d glasses as there's a Stigma to wearing them.

AlienFodder2182d ago

I got a similar deal from Best Buy a couple of months ago, except the PS3 was free. :D

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