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Where To Next For Call of Duty?


"Now that the hype from Modern Warfare 3 is starting to settle I thought it might be a good idea to speculate a little.

If you haven’t finished Modern Warfare 3 just yet then you might not want to read on because there’s a strong possibility I could ruin the ending for you.

You have been warned!" (Call of Duty 10, Call of Duty 9, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

gaminoz  +   1190d ago
Actually I don't mind returning to WW2 myself as long as they do a different battle zone.

If it goes ODST it's a mistake imo. If it goes Future Warfare it is just copying GRAW.

Black Ops 2 is most likely imo, but I'm still not sure how interesting it would be.
BadCircuit  +   1190d ago
I agree. I'm sick of post-apocalyptic warfare games...we have Killzone and Resistance and Halo...

Needs to feel more real. It's getting a bit too 'far fetched' now.
Ducky  +   1190d ago
Halo and Killzone are post-apocalyptic shooters?

That's news to me.
MariaHelFutura  +   1190d ago
A vacation....
OcularVision  +   1190d ago
WW2 setting would be great with current-gen tech.
gaminoz  +   1190d ago
@ FatOldMan

I think he means shooters with the world in crisis some time in the future and all destroyed places?
Belgavion  +   1190d ago
I think it's time we experienced the Great Northern War of 1700-1721
CashColeTrain1337  +   1190d ago
Call of Duty: Medieval Warfare
gaminoz  +   1190d ago
Oh yeah! Now you've got my interest. Crossbow shooting, cover shoot, cover shoot. Storm castles!

(not likely)
iMpuTeD  +   1190d ago
aren't all the guns in cod games based on their real life counterparts? heck even the fmg in mw3 is a real gun but won't be deployed it was pretty much scrapped. the only thing i can think of is the ak74-u there's a gun that's identical but with a different name like no u at the end or something.
Der_Kommandant  +   1190d ago
Call of Duty B.C.
Ducky  +   1190d ago
Space. Space. I want to go to space.

Hey Bobby. Bobby. Bo-Bobby. Let's go to space.
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mcstorm  +   1190d ago
I love both cod and MoH to go back to ww2 imagen frostbite 2 running on a ww2 battle ground it would be amazing and getting to fly the old plains and drive the old tanks.

But also using some of the official ww2 missions for the gae and m. For me doing dday landing in mp would be amazing.

I think COD should be given a rest next year but i dont see them doing that as it has become a massive hit for them.
gaminoz  +   1190d ago
If they go less American-centric there are a LOT of WW2 battles and areas they could do that would be fresh.

There were a lot of battles the Germans won before the US got involved for example. There were battles in Greece, Burma, Malta....not just Normandy, Russia, Pacific Isles, Holland, Germany...
mcstorm  +   1190d ago
I agree with you but this is the biggest problemwith games like this the USA can not look like the bad guys and PS me off as there not always the good guys and there was also alot more than just the USA and Germany involved too. The English also had a big part to play in the war among other countrys.
deno  +   1190d ago
Hopefully down hill from now on. I am tired of these madden style franchises.
ME1989  +   1190d ago
That's awesome. You can also *gasp* choose not to play them.
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deno  +   1190d ago
It has nothing to do with me playing them, it's all about a formula that every fps literally follows these days. Its the formula and you don't have to be rude to me my friend.
ME1989  +   1189d ago
There is no reason to wish "hopefully down hill from now on". In my opinion that is what's rude...why does it matter to you what other players enjoy? Let them be. No one is forcing you to play Call of Duty.

Likewise, it's not COD's fault other developers are "following" their formula. Blame the devs who try to copy them, not the games themselves.
deno  +   1189d ago
You make a great point.
MysticStrummer  +   1190d ago
CoD will go nowhere next. It will stay almost exactly the same again and it will break sales records again.
ME1989  +   1190d ago
Going back to the Korean War could be pretty interesting perhaps.
Eske  +   1190d ago
I just don't see them deviating much from the formula that's been so successful for them. Considering the dollars at stake, I can't see them going deep into the past or future.

Though, they'll need some hook to differentiate it from the last game, for sure. A different modern war locale, or an alternate history, perhaps? Maybe something that lets them spice up the gun lineup a little bit.
Gamer-Z  +   1190d ago
Or they could just come out with a new engine...
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Hicken  +   1190d ago
Blasphemy! CoD doesn't need a new engine! 2008 graphics are just fine!
ChipChipperson  +   1190d ago
Korea, a proper Vietnam War setting and not just bits and pieces, an actual modern warfare game based off the Gulf War, WW2 like the first COD games where we actually went through a good number of sides like USSR, UK, USA,Canada,etc. even throw in the Axis power side campaign for a whole collective story, other wars from other countries like Russia's 2 wars fought in Chechnya or the Soviet-Afghan War, or Activision could take a break from COD for a bit and stop milking the franchise every year, but I don't think that'll happen.
I really am thinking a Black Ops 2 may be considered by Treyarch.
rattletop  +   1190d ago
indonesia or philliphines or japan. maybe a one-on-one QTE combat atop a volcano. lol

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