I Only Recently Finished Metroid Prime.!!

GNVR writes: I have only recently finished Metroid Prime for the Gamecube. I know what your all thinking, I’m a little late right?…yeah it’s true.

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PhantomTommy1638d ago

Amazing game, doesn't get the admiration it deserves.

Venox20081638d ago

great game, great series..great my beloved Samus! great exploration, puzzles and everything, everything.. now you have to play other 2 primes and maybe even Other M (I don't care what you guys think, it's a great game :P :D :)

fear881638d ago

Agreed. I might get a lot of disagrees but IMHO its better than Uncharted 2 and Skyrim.

bwazy1638d ago

Definitely in my top 3 games of all time.