Petition to Remove GameSpot and its Sponsors from Metacritic

The author of the petition writes: "We the games community, based on the recent events that have transpired with the game review conglomerate hereby present the following petition to Metacritic's chief operations officer in charge of content.

On November 29, 2007 fired its chief editor in charge of game reviews Jeff Gerstmann. Because of a number of issues relating to game reviews, a number of employees left GameSpot completely even while their reviews are still up on that site. In the process, it became immediately clear that GameSpot's reviews are largely inconsistent as well as possibly fraudulent for certain games across all platforms.

We as gamers can not, and will not tolerate shady business practices in the video games industry as in the end that ruins gaming for everyone who will not tow the line".

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FirstknighT3913d ago

You sony fanboys need to stop crying and whining so much.

"We as gamers can not, and will not tolerate shady business practices in the video games industry as in the end that ruins gaming for everyone who will not tow the line".

Yet it's okay for Sony to lie about rumble and the numerous price cuts???

Big babies!

shmee3913d ago

GS will now be an unbiased site and wont be giving subpar x360 games good scores and vice versa to ps3 games.

Is it okay for MS to sell their defective and low powered x360s????

good job CNET . now fire AARON THOMAS

ruibing3913d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

What does this have to do with Sony? All that happened when GS gave R&C one of the lowest scores is a bunch of PS3 fans cancelled their accounts, which they had every right to. No one was fired, because it was just a protest at the ridiculous score. This time its about marketing versus journalism, a completely different issue.

I know from all your previous posts that you despise Sony and the PS3, but there is no need in trying to shift blame to it like this. The price cut was simply their strategy of increasing sales, you can't honestly have thought any business would ever plan something like that. And I hardly recall any of you questioning the morality of MS when they never really acknowledged the RRoD issue, and they simply extended the warranty (though a little too late for some fans if I recall correctly) and offered the Falcon SKUs with the bundled games (a little too late for the millions who bought the early SKUs). Please don't play the blame game, trust me on this.

aaquib53912d ago

I bet they planned to keep the price point at $500 and $600, but due to lackluster sales they had to drop the price. Am I pissed? A bit, but essentially it leads to more consoles sold, which leads to more publishers feeling comfortable making PS3 games, which means to more exclusive games.

Zhuk3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

While I agree the fandroids have failed to keep Sony accountable for all their lies and deceit which has harmed the gaming industry throughout the years, I think we have to come together as gamers and try our best to make Gamespot pay for the things they have done.

Xbots and fandroids unite to get rid of this cancer on the gaming industry

Mr PS33912d ago

You have just proved that you are indeed the biggest pile of cr*p walkin the earth
now go and pull your bottom lip over your forehead and swallow

Bubble Buddy3912d ago

FirstknighT your mom's calling, she's done your laundry

The Killer3912d ago

but i just signed in for the petition and i am number 496!! i think everybody should sign! it really hurt the industry, for a moment forget about ur 360 and think of the big picture, many people wont spend money on ps3 because their games have low scores, it doent mean they will go and buy 360 some probably will, but some will just wait and let many companies loose money or dont get enough money by making ps3 games(or ported) and that hurt everybody including 360! because the companies wont spend extra cash for making a AAA game!

this is what i wrote for the petition:

GS is for a long while so bias in their reviews especially for ps3 games reviews

its time to stop this kind of bias against any console or games, it hurt the industry a lot, people when they see low scores for ps3 games probably wont buy ps3 thus they wont spend money for game companies.

shysun3912d ago

How did Sony lie about a Price cut?

Chubear3912d ago

Yes that's all very well and all but if gamers don't understand that gamespot isn't the only one doing this and that ALL major gaming sites do it then it's all futile and means nothing at all.

How's it help to kill just one snake biting you and leave the 9 others alone? It makes no sense. If you're serious, you'd kill them all.

Garrison3912d ago

Just so you guys know. And btw those xbot trolls crack me up, they show up in every possible thread out here with xbox domination propaganda. Really, you almost couldn't even pay someone for such loyal advertising. Gates got you guys covered? lol

The Killer3912d ago

yes i know, but i will do what i can do!
gamespot is kind of the leader of the 9 other snakes hopefully by killing the leader the others well start respecting them selfs!!
1UP is similar to gamespot but by doing this to game spot i hope the others will back down somewhat.

gamespot is(was) a big gaming site that many respected including me but not after the ps3 launch!! 1UP and other let them do what ever they want! they are not that big and i hope this incident will teach them a lesson!

Hatchetforce3912d ago

Yes Sony lied about rumble. Microsoft lied about the 360 defect. But we are not talking manufacturers.

What makes this petition idiotic is they are ignoring sites like 1Up that are just as bad if not worse when it comes to taking money under the table.

BrianC62343912d ago

What a gay petition. Sony never said anything about the lame review of R&CF. Gamers were up in arms and Jeff Gerstmann deserved to be fired over that whole debacle. He gave the game to that loser Aaron Thomas to review. A sports game nut. Good thinking Jeffy. I'm happy you lost your job. Now Aaron Thomas must go too.

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led10903913d ago

this is seriously getting out of hand i think i mean cancelling subscriptions is fine but i think signing petitions n all is a bit too much

actas1233912d ago

couldn't agree more. But, there are too many people that are bored to death nowadays,Except for Microsoft refurbishing shop they are always busy.

radzy3912d ago

kane & lynch is on both ps3 and xbox360 consoles. Why are the sony fanboys making it out to be against ratchet it clank. gamespot has always been harsh with reviews because they expect more from games and give a proper review. i finished kane and lynch on my xbox 360 (did both endings) and i totally agree with jeff. that game is so badly put together (controls and gameplay and a.i. ) , i dont know why it wasnt delayed. nevertheless i loved the game , if it was put together properly i think it would have got 10's all round.
so you sony fanboys should stop making it out that it was because of ratchet and clank, and stop claiming that "haha , we got him fired"
just face it , games on the ps3 arent up to par with the xbox 360 games. now you ps3 fanboys are trying to do a partition, wtf. how old are you all, really? grow the f...k up.
if ratchet and clank was such a ten out of ten game , then why sales of the game are sooooo poooor.

joten3912d ago

Wtf are you talking about? You're right Kane & Lynch is a multi-platform game and that guy got fired over that, but no one ever said he got fired over a Ratchet and Clank review. He gave it a low score when it deserved better which is widely known, and then said the reason it was so low was because it had too much variety. Does that make sense to your little Xbox fanboy mind? And ps3 games aren't sub par with 360 games is untrue. Resistance, Ratchet, Uncharted, Warhawk, Folklore and others are UNHYPED games that are really good. I'm not a fanboy or anything, but it's dumb, close-minded people like you that give the gaming industry a bad name. Maybe someone should start a petition that locks your IP address from every website on the internet because that'd make more sense to me than this petition.

UnblessedSoul3913d ago

Why is everyone still going on about this, get over it you cry babies

aaquib53912d ago

Cnet Networks owns Gamespot and Metacritic. Cnet isn't stupid, and they wouldn't harm their own company.

ReBurn3912d ago

This would be a lot more effective if it weren't an online petition and if people actually knew what happened instead of responding to rumor and speculation. The people involved aren't talking, so all of the information available is coming from the blogosphere. And we all know how accurate that is.

But since when does the internet hate machine need fact?