Charity Auction Gives You a Chance to See God of War 3

Destructoid reports: "Sony's Santa Monica studio is auctioning off a chance for someone to become a videogame designer for the day. The winner of the auction will be able to bring along one guest and they will get a tour of the studio. The winners will also get a first hand look at the next game the Santa Monica studio is making for the PlayStation 3 (God of War III?!). All of the proceeds from the auction will be going to Big Brothers Big Sisters. The auction is currently at $375 and will end this coming Wednesday.

I think this is a fantastic idea. The money goes to a well deserving charity and the winner will get to meet the game director and key designers from the studio".

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wil4hire3880d ago

Is going to be amazing... THey pushed the PS2's graphics so far... god can only imagien what they pull off with the ps3...

I want to see more boobies.

The gameplay speaks for itself...

3880d ago
mikeslemonade3880d ago

This game will trump both DMC4 and NG2. It will make those two games look last gen. They already both look like minor upgrades from the PS2 and xbox counterparts. Kratos is going to be larger than life in GOW3. I hope he takes up like the entire screen.

Violater3880d ago

this is how rumors start
Comprehension FTL

sonarus3880d ago

i completely agree. if it was gow3 they would say it to get more bids but then again you never knw. GOW3 is another great ps3 system seller so d earlier sony gets it out the gate the better but it better be solid though

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kingofps33880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Coz, if every gamer had $350 to blow in a day. Then EA development studios will be packed by paid visitors.

And I seriously doubt EA giving the money away to charity. Now, thats just me.

kingofps33880d ago

I know that. I was simply implying the fact that EA is f*ckin greedy.

kiko893880d ago

oh lol its kool
but who the hell would pay that much to see their shiyyt development. all i would want to see is burnout.

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djtek1843880d ago

this game is gonna so bad @ss!

supnub53880d ago

do the girl on your avatar.

superman3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

that will be sweet. Too bad i live in London. But that will be sweet.

god of war is ps3 graphics. That will be...... In fact no word for it.

Baba19063880d ago

as long as the gameplay is as good as GoW 2 i dont care about the grafics. it will rule !

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