Mark Rein on content: "This is why we've made the game for the PS3 first."

Gamasutra sat down to speak to Epic Games' VP Mark Rein, and the real story seems to be just how open the game will be on the PlayStation 3. "This is the full power of the Unreal Editor. The same editor we used to create the games is now available to you," he says. "You want to import your objects you made in 3D Studio Max or Maya? Bring them in! You want to code an UnrealScript? Code an UnrealScript! All those things you can do. If they fit on our map, you can stick them on the PlayStation 3 and they'll run!" And this content doesn't have to be filtered by either Epic or Sony. You can grab any kind of mod or custom map from any site online, and it will play on the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3. "When they embrace user-created content, that's what it means to be an open system. That's why we're on PlayStation 3 first-because they are embracing user-created content. It's not just moving the deck chairs around the boat. They are embracing real art," Rein told Gamasutra. This type of open experience may be more of a challenge with Microsoft. "...we will sit down with Microsoft and have a dialog with them and say, 'Here is what we want to do. How can we do it?' They may or may not embrace it. We don't know. That's why we've made the game for the PlayStation 3 first, because we knew exactly what the boundaries were going to be."

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Hydrollex4035d ago

UT3 was kind of a flop on PC. I hope it's not the second Lair. Sorry Xbox 360 fans don't be happy because of my comment because Gears of War on PC was a flot but on 360 was doing good. So we have to wait and see

shmee4035d ago

UT3 will be a mega hit on PS3

It will also move atleast 500k ps3s

PLUS it is the holiday season

iceice1234035d ago

You know as well as anyone that is not true. There fanbase is on the PC always has been always will be, 500k PS3 sold because of UT? Not going to happen.

shmee4035d ago

GEARS did wonder for x360. UT3 will do the same for PS3

PLUS it is a holiday season with no major releases of other consoles in DECEMBER

atleast be realistic. PS3 sales have already reached 200k /per week. EXPECT a bigger bump on DEC 10

Bolts4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

I'm not sure what you're talking about but all console games flop on the PC. No self respecting PC gamer is going to bother with a FPS with 4 vs 4 multiplayer. As for UT 3 well, PC gamers isn't into the DM gameplay as they used to be. They're all into the big team games like Battlefield, Teamfortress and CoD 4 now a days.

But having said that, I also think UT 3 might sell more for the PS 3. What UT 3 have to offer is old news for the PC gamers, but on the PS3 the mod community could create a lot of waves. However that totally depends on how the PS3 mod works. Unless the PS 3 version offer full installs I doubt full conversions like Red Orchestra will be possible. If the PS 3 can do full blown mods it will revolutionize the console industry.

jiggyjay4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Sure is a lot of shooters on this console!

Wasn't PS3 fans bashing the Xbox platforms because its just for shooters.. Now the best games that are available for the PS3 UT3, COD4, Resitance, Uncharted, Warhawk and coming soon KZ2 and Haze... Isn't it funny!

Edit- The Xbox has many type of games as well but everybody just knows about Halo that's the reason why generalize it as having a lot of shooters..

Shenzilbur4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

meh. Irony is irony. I quite frankly don't care, thing is the PS3 has a selection of many other genres too. Just turns out developers like making FPS and FPS is a very popular genre - if you do it right.

The Killer4035d ago

i liked that part in the end of the article because its somehow true!
MS dont give anything free, LIVE, DLC, HD DVD etc

moses4035d ago

I'm sure UT3 will eventually sell more, and have a much larger community on PC when people can get PC's that can run UT3 decently. I can only run it on 800x600 on medium, which isn't too pretty/smooth, and I have a 6600 GT :\.

neogeo4035d ago

WRONG! more like 750k

sonarus4035d ago

am a ps3 fan but lets break this down to wat we knw
1. does ut3 have hype- not really as far as i can tell jst a bunch of gamers who would have bought pretty much any shooter excited for the game
2. Have you heard ANYONE say they'd buy ps3's over UT3?? Friends even n4g gamers as far as i knw no. mostly ps3 gamers am sure a couple of 360 boys will get ps3's for it but prob not that many.
3. The only thing that can really help UT3 become a system seller are the mods. User created content and before user created content can sell ps3's you have to wait for a wicked user to create sumthin cool 1st off and that might be a while.

Am getting UT3 jst cus a couple of my friends are getting it i generally dnt like fps shooters but am learnin to play it. I am now a beast in warhawk Played resistance online only a couple of times. This generations seems to have more shooters cus unfortunately thats wat sells and everyonce in a while a shooter comes around thats innovative/good looking enough for me to take a look at i.e. COD4. Unreal tournament looks great and i will eventually get into it but i honestly jst wish there werent so many fps's cus once u can play 1 u can play all. Hardly no innovations in gameplay jst point and shoot. I wish there were more GOW's DMC's MGS's Final fantasy's. I'd jst like sumthin to play besides a shooter please. THANK YOU

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felman874035d ago

If you liked 2004 you'll like UT3. If you haven't played 2004 then you definitely have to pick this game up.

TheHater4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Agree. But I find that UT 2003 was kinda better than 2004.

Edit: Oh and Felman, I hope we can have Saturdays matches when this come out, well that is if you are getting this game.

TheIneffableBob4035d ago

I loved UT2004 and played hundreds of hours of it, but UT3 just isn't doing it for me.

ruibing4035d ago

That was a very good interview, it actually got me really excited about all the possibilities that the game provides. It really solves my problem of being a PC FPS user at heart so I can use a mouse and keyboard setup without having to upgrade my PC to enjoy good graphics.

TheHater4035d ago

I am actually selling Call of Duty for UT3. I find that UT3 had the better overall experience to me. And plus it more of my type FPS. Oh and the beta on my PC got me hooked oh this game. I will be downloading a lot of mods, and might try to make some of my own.

Chitown712914035d ago

The team at Unreal and the team at EA ( Burnout Paradise ) influence other 3rd Party developers to focus more on the PS3 hopefully leading to some exclusives (good exclusives).

MK_Red4035d ago

While I do agree that other 3rd party devs should learn from Criterion (Burnout Paradise) and Epic (UT3), I got to point that neither of them are exclusives and the thing I really wish is that other devs follow Criterion and Epic and start making good multi platform titles that are not inferior on either system (Crappy EA ports and such).

felman874035d ago

devs should do themselves a favor and make PS3 the lead platform for their titles. It makes ports much easier.

Hydrollex4035d ago

These games will be PS3 seller

MGS4, FF13 fore sure ! GT5 , Haze , killzone , GTA IV , Tekken 6

there are more but I dont remember

Xemnas4035d ago

You forgot Little big planet

4035d ago
undacovabrothe4035d ago

AND SOCOM and eventually Resistence 2 will prob sell consoles when it releases next holiday season