Things looking up for Sony as PlayStation 3 sales pick up - analysts

Tokyo (Thomson Financial) via Forbes - 12.02.07:

After a tough first year, sales of the PS3 are finally gaining momentum while the company's new organic light emitting diode (OLED) television is reviving its reputation for innovation.

KBC Securities analyst Hiroshi Kamide said Sony is 'making up lost ground.' Both Macquarie Securities analyst David Gibson and magazine publisher Enterbrain remarked that the PS3 is past the worst and things seem to be looking up for Sony.

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pwnsause3914d ago

nice, basically it got out of turbulance, this was the worst year for the PS3, but thats not going to happen again for 2008. everyone thought the PS3 was going to crash and fail, but here we are. Expect PS3 sales to fly high next year with all the games that are going to come out next year on the platform.

shmee3914d ago

expect that to reach 9/10m by december ,2007

and we all know that 2008 sees total ps3 domination

FF13,MGS4,KZ2,WKS ---those games alone would sell 10m ps3s worldwide.

I predict 10m in sales for each of those games

TheHater3914d ago

actually Sheem. Only around 6+ million PS3 have been sold worldwide as of today.

shmee3914d ago

6 m is according to VGCHARTS ---a site that deflated x360 sales by 180 k in OCTOBER.

PS3 has beaten x360 3:1 in GERMANY and wii 2:1 apparently. However VGCHARTS say otherwise.

If you look at VGCHARTS u see wii edging ahead of ps3 which is BS. If u have been to europe then u know that ps3 outsells everything everywhere except UK and some regions of FRANCE.

PS3 in reality outsells everything in ITALY,SPAIN,GERMANY and REST OF EUROPE.

OH BTW in ASIA except JAPAN and MIDDLE EAST nothing sells except the PS3. I just came back from UAE and not even DS beats the PS3 there

jiggyjay3914d ago

Yawn........Its freaken christmas of course its going to pick up! Wake me up when the PS3 is consistenly outselling the 360 3:1 then we'll talk!

solidt123913d ago

6 or 7 million for one year is great for any console. Thats on par with the first year 360 sales and the PS3 cost more. Imagine the numbers if the PS3 started out at $399 last year.

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Bonsai12143914d ago

first year is always the worst.

heavy hitters are dropping already, more are to come, things are looking up. competition is good

ruibing3914d ago

I feel PS3 owners like me are partially responsible for the lower than expected software sales for the first year. I bought mine in the summer and have bought probably over three dozen PS2 titles from then on from Amazon, Half, and eBay. But as for PS3 titles I've only got Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, GHIII, and Rock Band.

I really feel the PS3's biggest flaw is the success of its predecessor. There are just too many good JRPG games which cost only a third of next gen games. But as games like White Knight Story and MGS4 gets released early next year, I'll finally be able to shift my software library toward the PS3.

solidt123913d ago

I also bought several PS2 games because I never had a PS2 and there were so many great games. But I have bought at least 11 PS3 games.

xionpunk3913d ago

@Ruibing then there's people like me who are hangin on to ps2 until i can afford even the cheapest ps3 sku lol.

ruibing3913d ago

You know I thought so too back when I was a PC gamer, especially since most games you can get for "free". But after playing some PS1 games on emulators, I really came to enjoy them as much as I did anime and manga. Then when you look at all the oldies but goodies you can get from the greatest hits collection, you just have to get at least a PS2. Now once you have a PS2, there should be enough games to occupy you for several years. But once the PS3 library has been filled with sequels and new IPs of the games you've come to love on your PS2, it wouldn't be hard to convince anyone to make the upgrade.

Now I had a choice between a PS2 and PS3, but after thinking about it a PS3 was a much better value for someone who basically have been "saving up" money from PC gaming. So now I have been able to support the developers/publishers of my favorite games like Square Enix, Kojima, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Level 5, and so many more. It is amazing how many games are available when you have any PS3 SKUs. I've still been itching to get a real copy of FFVII, FFVIII, Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story, and Xenogear. Believe me when I say this is a good time to be a gamer.

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PS3PCFTW3914d ago (Edited 3913d ago )


Worldwide, not just in 1 area.

Ps3 exclusives will bury the xrod. Ps3/wii Gamers will keep gaming, 360 owners will keep waiting for their refurbished systems to come back from the rrod factory. All the while wondering why all their "exclusives" end up on the PC with major improvements and free online servers.


shmee3914d ago

nothing can even challenge the biggest games of this era --FF13,MGS4,WKS and KZ2

i think wii will be simply lost next year .x360 will manage to hang around barely.

but for sure 2008 and onwards see total ps3 domination

GlossGreen3913d ago

But the 360 cannot be brushed off so easily. It does have a year headstart and it also has the support of a lot of developers. The tide is changing for the PS3 though, as it will be in a year or two for the Wii. The PS3 is just getting it's steam up now while the Wii is starting to trend like all recent Nintendo systems. It's a little too gimicky for the hardcore and a shovelware dump site for everyone else. Hopefully Sony and Microsoft see what's happening and works to avoid another videogame crash like in the 80's.

PS3PCFTW3913d ago

lol.........if the ps3 had a year head start the 360 would not have a chance in hell.......

anyways, youre like 30+ years old right?

lawman11083913d ago

But you fan boys who don't even support the PS3 by buying games for it will turn it all around right? It must drive you fan douches crazy that the RROD could not stop the 360 from kicking the $hit out of the PS3. That alone should tell you how good the games are on the 360. Shmee your a douche bag too, no facts at all and pull numbers out of your A-ss.

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turbogeek3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

how is this news?

they won with PS1, they won with PS2. they'll win with PS3 eventually. you're in denial if you don't believe that lol

felman873914d ago

wii's gonna win this one

duarteq3913d ago

I always got the PlayStation brand, from 1 to 3. last year i bought 2 wiis ( me and my brother ). Yesterday i went to a game store and trade the wiis for PS3 games. Was the best thing i did. The wii as lost is initial fun and inovation factor. The games are all crap, only a few ones from nintendo escape. And i don't know why some people say that HD don't mather, i think it's wrong. Play a game in HD and then we will talk again. In our days Graphics also count for the game.

PS Forever - Sony never let me down
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----------

god_o_war3913d ago

once you HD gaming your see it as unnatural then when you go back to HD your eyes hurt so bad they practically bleed (not literally) at how good the definition is in the quality of the game!!!

Infernus3913d ago

I shall soon be experiencing true Next-Gen HD Gaming when I get my HDTV for Christmas. Got the 60GB PS3 for a bargain back in June (£280, which is what the 40GB costs now lol) and have now moved my attention to the other component of true next-gen gaming, a HDTV.

As for Sony winning yet again, the PS3 has been seldom advertised over here in the UK which explains the low sales up to now, but while I was looking around for the HDTV I came across a rather amazing sight... in the store they had a PS3 and a 360, both hooked up to HDTV's of course and it was the PS3 that was attracting the most attention, kids were telling their parents that's what they wanted.

For the first time I'd seen the 360 being pushed aside in favour of the PS3, it's a sure sign of things to come. The PS3 price point is now more attractive, the actual console itself is imho more attractive and the game lineup for the coming year is also more attractive. I'm not saying the 360 is dead and buried but the coin has flipped somewhat and now MS is on the backfoot, Sony have the momentum now.

On top of that recently Virgin radio have actually been GIVING AWAY 360's, sounds rather desperate if you ask me lol...

Good luck Sony!

P.S Yes my HDTV will be a Sony to compliment the PS3.

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pacman6153914d ago

sony will be the threepeat king of consoles