PlayStation Store Preview – November 29th, 2011

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in PSLS' weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in their coming soon section. - PSLS

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ftwrthtx2425d ago

Quite a few games are available to download that were originally disc only.

Download only will kill the used game market if it ever goes to only that.

decimalator2425d ago

Only if they figure out a better way of game storage. You can only fit so many digital games on one hard drive. especially since you can't load games on a USB HDD, or swap out internal HDDs as easily as you can external drives. It's a problem that sony and microsoft will have to figure out before digital-only will be a able to take over.

DragonKnight2425d ago

Download only will also increase piracy.

kcuthbertson2425d ago

You obviously don't know what you're talking about...

And @Decimalator,

Just uninstall the games you aren't playing, and whenever you want to play them again reinstall them...It's never been a problem for Steam.

DragonKnight2425d ago

Oh no, I forgot that pirates don't download games, they steal them. Are you serious? You really think that moving from physical copies to purely download only WON'T increase piracy? If anything it removes the middle man. But whatever, believe what you want.

caseh2424d ago


If you think about it logically, it will make no difference as far as piracy is concerned.

Most copies are downloaded via torrents or news groups, so what difference will digital copies make. They will still be downloaded via the exact same medium, no such thing as a middle man as its not like you need to know someone who can get hold of copies, you just google it these days. :)

FACTUAL evidence2424d ago

Damn, I would of definitely bought sly if I didn't have it on blu-ray disc already. So I'll get darkstalkers, and spice things up with some new psn avatars.

doctorstrange2425d ago

PSN's been rocking on full PS3 games recently

decimalator2425d ago

Yeah, but they're also only putting up stuff that is 1+ years old. I want same-day digital versions

ZombieAssassin2425d ago

DARKSTALKERS!!! Haven't been this excited about a PsONE game since Soul Reaver released on PSN.

caseh2424d ago

It's kind of irrelevant considering you can download the actual arcade version for MAME along with the sequels minus the downgraded quality and loading times.

Dunpeal2424d ago

I'd love a HD soul reaver or even an HD reboot. I think it's been long enough to warrant one.

Oaklnd2425d ago

oh yeah, downloading soon

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The story is too old to be commented.