Eidos Marketing 'Strategery' 101

Eidos got a little more publicity for their money than they bargained for, and not the good kind.

From the article: "Not only did you successfully spend enough money to get a mediocre game review for your otherwise crappy game, but you did it in style! Not fit to simply and silently, pay off GameSpot, Eidos managed to announce to the world on Friday that not only do they expect "fixed" reviews, but they actually pay sites to do it."

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happygamer3908d ago

blackout monday dont visit gamespot for anything support jeff day!

IGNFTW3908d ago


xionpunk3907d ago

OMG this must be a nightmare for gamespot. Like it or not, Gamespot was pretty much the top dog in videogame websites. Now they've got an angry mob after em. grab yer torches and pitchforks...

tony3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

anyways, gamespot has no credibility anymore. i'm sure people will still check their reviews but just out of curiosity not to take it seriously.