EDGE- Minecraft Review

Edge- The central achievement of Minecraft is a willingness to let the player define the experience; to make them the most interesting element in a world that’s already dynamic and fascinating. It’s a decision that has made designer Markus Persson a millionaire, and it’s ensured that the most important PC game of the past five years is also the most timely.

Minecraft creates pockets of unmapped wilderness in a world that’s increasingly cluttered, and offers the illusion of control in an era in which genuine control is so rarely available. It’s the promise, particularly potent these days, of ownership; of not just shaping a landscape, but also calling it home.

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360ICE2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Has been their motto for a while.
But I suppose 9/10 isn't the worst score a game can get. After all you do have, god forbid, 8.