Skyrim Can Be More Addictive Than Drugs?

"How long have you been playing Skyrim, one hour, ten hours or hundred hours?"

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M-Easy2422d ago

This was obviously written by someone who has not done drugs...real drugs :)

EVILDEAD3602422d ago

Skrim is crack..yesterday could not put it down for most of the entire day and kept coming back after breaks.

It's hard to remove it from 360 tray. Even with people trying to invite to other games.

Amazing experience


Saladfax2422d ago

Generally speaking, video games play is a compulsion, not an addiction. There's a difference.

EVILDEAD3602422d ago

'Figuratively' speaking..Skyrim is crack...

Carry on


Iroquois_Pliskin2422d ago

Dont know about drugs, but im denitely hooked on Skyrim

Ramses32422d ago

Hell no. Yesterday I studied 5 hours for an English test, I dint even turn my PS3 on to play skygrim, so it obviously cant be that addicting.

EVILDEAD3602422d ago

Functioning alcoholics can work a full doesn't make Alcohol less addicting or Alcoholism any less a disease.

But people taking this literal need to loosen up the tie


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Ace_Man_62423d ago ShowReplies(2)
Trainz2423d ago

Oblivion was like a drug to me.
Hell I told my dealer to wait while I finish a quest.

Pillville2423d ago

Anyone know where I can get some drugs for $60 that will keep me high for 100s of hours?

GanjaMan2422d ago

What you after i may be able to sort you out with my finest blue cheese weed?

KingPin2423d ago

they obviously not getting the right drugs if they think this.

GanjaMan2422d ago

If you talking about weed then you are very wrong cause weed isn't addictive at all, it has no substance or anything that has a addictive effect for example fags are addictive not because of the tobacco but because of the substance in it called nicotine and weed has no such substance.

KingPin2422d ago

im not talking about weed, but your name suggests you know all about that. :P

but have you tried crystal meth by any chance?

that shit is waaaaaaaayyyyyy more addictive than any game.

if anyone thinks differently, they either have chemicals in the brain that they shouldn't or they missing chemicals that they should have.

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The story is too old to be commented.