Downloadable Media Coming to PS3

November 30, 2007 - Make sure you have some space on your PS3 hard disk after Christmas. According to a Nikkei report, Sony will at long last begin offering downloadable media content for the system on a worldwide basis early next year.

The Nikkei site didn't get into specifics, but did make mention of high definition game footage and related documentary clips as being set for distribution. Sadly, the report didn't mention if Sony's plans for early next year will extend to non game-related programming.

Whatever content does end up available for download, you'd better save up your dollars, yens, or Euros. The site reports that the content will not be free.

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YoMeViet3797d ago

Too bad I have slow internet at home. I wish Sony would make the Playstation Store accessible with my laptop since I have T1 connection at college, they did it with the PSP so hoping they do it with the PS3 too..

BulletToothtony3797d ago

we probably won't be seeing downloadable movies till next winter or something, at least i'm ready with my 250gb hdd.. 3rd party hdd's ftw!!

Bladestar3797d ago

another undated promise... as if we need more of those from Sony.
"Whatever content does end up available for download, you'd better save up your dollars, yens, or Euros." just another way to encourage people to wait on stuff that may never happen or happen any time soon.

Foliage3797d ago

Why do xbots always get offended by a Sony promise? If you have no will to purchase the console, these promises don't concern you. There is no reason why you guys should feel pissed off when no PS3 owner is complaining. Get a hobby, and move along.

HarryEtTubMan3797d ago

haha You just made him sound like a jealous punk BIOTCH. Move along kiddie and go fuel your jealousy on another site. We don't need another response. YOU JUST GOT PWNED.

Bubble Buddy3796d ago

It's cause he's waiting for his 360 to get back from microsoft. calm down kiddo.

Bnet3433797d ago

you mean you couldn't download this stuff off of PSN from the beginning? What the hell .... -_- what else does PSN not have that I don't know about?

EZCheez3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

PSN does have this stuff, except it's all free. This shouldn't even be an announcement because every week the new updates include at least one "making of" or "behind the scenes" video which are always free, and almost always in HD.

ruibing3796d ago

Haven't we PS3 owners already been downloading trailers and documentaries for games?

Xemnas3797d ago

I think hes bored his xbox must be not working or something so he come to put in his negative 2 cents.

razer3796d ago

OMG that is so funny!!! and fresh as well.. Where did you ever come up with such a clever witty comeback??


Is it like an auto-reflex for the PS3tards??

;If threatened then insert RROD comment.

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