Broken Rock Band Guitar, Delayed Replacement, Free Game!

According to a forum poster on the rock band forums. EA has sent an email saying that if you ordered a Rock Band replacement guitar and it hasn't come yet you will be getting a free EA game. Here is the email.

"Greetings Rocker,

Congratulations on your purchase of Rock Band!

After reviewing our records, we see that your recent request for a replacement guitar has been subject to an unacceptably long delay due to a late shipment from our manufacturer.

By the time you receive this, your replacement guitar should be on its way to you. However, the Rock Band team is committed to providing a world-class customer experience and we do not believe we have met this commitment in connection with your request. As a token of our appreciation for your patience and understanding, we will be offering you a FREE EA game. Details will follow shortly.

We are sorry if your first experience with Rock Band has not met your expectations. We hope our gift will show you how committed we are to your satisfaction.

Thank you,

The Rock Band Team"

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Foliage3951d ago

EA has made a lot of wrong moves, so I'm glad to see they are turning one around positively.

ruibing3951d ago

Depends on which free game you'll be getting, they have a lot of games. I hope they don't just clean out the back of their warehouses and send people misc games.

My Rock Band should be getting to my home by mid December, so I really hope I got a decent set of equipment. I really can't stand faulty hardware and software issues.

JJB-3603951d ago

what this is doing in the Wii section? Rock Band topics keep propping up here, and it's not even being released on it?

Koneesha3950d ago

And they said they are making it but thats all the details there are about it. :)

biomajor093950d ago

When have the every offically said they were working on a wii version? I would like to see the source. Currently it is only rumour and speculation.

Koneesha3950d ago

I meant that Alex R. of Harmanex when asked about a wii version said absolutely. Not that they were making it. Sorry i was tired. My mistake. :)

sleepbox3950d ago

Ya, I got the same email yesterday. Pretty nice, if I could JUST think of an EA game I want...actually, I want Burnout Paradise.

jackdoe3950d ago

They're probably just unloading some leftover stock of Madden 07.

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