New Africa trailer for the ps3

Check out the new Africa trailer for the ps3.

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Foliage3880d ago

It's an interesting looking game, the graphics are great. There isn't enough detail on the game to figure out whether the gameplay will live up to the graphics.

Bonsai12143880d ago

last i heard, it was just an interactive safari. i've also heard details about how you can take control of animals or something and move them around, but those were never confirmed.

but much to everyone's disappointment, you won't be able to hunt :-p

sonarus3880d ago

hahaha wtf. why wud u wanna hunt those animals lol. I think the graphics are great and i like wat sony is doing making different types of games to really diversify their games library. They need to offer a demo cus i really dnt see any1 goin out on a limb to pay for this

aceitman3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

if anyone paid attention to the to e3 you would know when they showed and talked about this game that they mentioned it was going to be an eventure game basically you will be hunting and protecting yourself from danger and searching for things and puzzles .

BrianC62343880d ago

"but much to everyone's disappointment, you won't be able to hunt"

Disappointment? It doesn't need hunting. Why do you have to kill the animals? The game looks like you hunt down animals to shoot with your camera. That would be enough. It looks interesting. Definitely different than anything else out there.

xmod3880d ago

You play as a poucher and try to get as many animals on the endangers species list (or off it through extinction) as possible.

BTW, when is this game coming out for the Xbox 360. I can't wait for it to go green!

Bathyj3880d ago

when I first saw this game I wanted to hunt. But as a predator not a human. (Thats animal predators, not aliens, der).

I thought of a game years ago I would have called carnivore where you need to stalk prey and hunt for food to feed you and your young. The whole thing needed to have a living eco system.

This game could do it be I suspect it might be more like shooting a Doco and getting good footage.

One things for sure, no other system will have a game like this I think. I love how sony always trys something new.

gerrard3880d ago

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

If they attempted to put it on 360 it will explode.

PS3Freak3880d ago

apparently we have alot of hippies on this site (if you know what im talking about) oooooo we dont have to hunt the poooor animals.

neogeo3879d ago

Afrika will get a 9.9 or maybe the very first perfect 10 from IGN.
This is the kind of game I have been dreaming about. I'm so sick of killing things.

Don't be shocked if this game gets more hype, sales then Halo. Its a 5 million plus seller 100%

Also if you click on my history of comments you will see that I have never been wrong about these things.

iLemon3879d ago

Wow looks amazing. If you interested in filming your own national geographic shows and enjoy disney musicals.

THUNDERMARE3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

FYI, this game is published by Studio Japan, and you guess who is the owner??? ohh laa you got it, Sony !! so it will never go green.

Blackfrican3879d ago

Hell yeah! Pokemon Snap is back baby. If you can take pictures of these animals say goodbye to WII and 360.

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C_SoL3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

I hope u can run over animals with that's like u try to run over a elephant while ur drunk driving in Afrika filming every second. I wonder what the elephant would do...but ya hunting would be cool I guess, if thats all u think about is shooting throughout the whole game then it's stupid...

I hope the animals could attack the humans, in a funny way....imagine a lion chasing u and u have to run back to ur jeep...that would pretty scary with a DS3 controller..

The Killer3880d ago

they will allow the player to see through the predator eyes when they are hunting or even let u control the animals like running or attacking with them!! THAT will make the game really cool!!

n00dl3s3879d ago

2 and 2.1 don't reproduce.... Is it seriously THAT dissapointing for a game to be about experiencing wildlife and NOT have the option of murdering it? I mean I am all for blowing the hell out of things. Most of my favorite game experiences involve gratuitous violence. However, you won't find me going "wow this guitar hero game is crap because I can't beat my manager to death with the guitar."

MikeGdaGod3879d ago

if you could beat the manager to death, i'd go out and buy that game right now.

wind_dragon3879d ago

is that wat video games r about now-a-days? u ppl make me lose faith in humanity, cause u guys obviously have non. try something new for once...that doesn't include killing in a new way. geez, no wonder society is so f***ed up. This is y i'm moving to japan!

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crazy250003880d ago

this is kinda lame.......unless they make it like national geographic and they teach you a whole lot with videos and interaction, then i would consider this game

BrianC62343880d ago

This is what is bad about gaming today. Opinions like yours. Why is Afrika bad? It's a different game. Better than just a bunch of games with a new number at the end. Gamers need to be more open minded when it comes to new ideas. I'm not saying Afrika will be the game of the year but at least give it a chance. Sony is trying new ideas at least.

Oilers Fan3880d ago

Well he said is is lame...unless you can learn about the animals. I see nothing wrong in that opinion. IMO the game would be very lame if all you do is take pictures of them. I would honestly consider picking up the game if infact, you do learn about the animals rather then just play the game. With all that said, I do think the game will have all the learning aspects involved. And I also think you dont just take pictures, there must be more involved in the game.

sketchy2k3880d ago

IF devs get their research right surely you will learn about animals, their habitat, their behaviour, likely reactions, aggression etc, perhaps what they eat- all by observation. I think it would make more sense to use disc-space for coding then have any info provided by links to a specific support website auto-startup through internet browser. Of Course this is just my opinion, like yours where you believe it will be 'lame'. Don't start a big discussion about the use of BRD and the space they have free, i wouldn't want what was essentially a nature show, i want to learn in new ways with ultra-realistic animals, landscapes etc (used by tons and tons of textures - utilising BRD space and a huge open gaming terrain).

peksi3880d ago

I'm so full of FPS games. Mom please make them stop.

I salute all those who dare to try something different. Besides they've been doing Afrika for ages... almost so long it makes me wonder what the frell are they up to? Home goes Afrika! Or maybe not...

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Fluffy2Duffy3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

'K' for the Afrika word is our Afrikaans language and if thy did say 'C'in Africa, that wil be the English word, im from Namibia where i was born in South Africa. Wel i think this wil be an intresting 'GAME' where u might hunt animals or explore, if not it wil be a nice screen saver like the Aqua fish tank. Maybe thy bringing a closer versio game like the PC Afrika game. Sound good!!

nobizlikesnowbiz3880d ago

Been trophy hunting in South Africa before. Afrikaans is crazy sounding language. A bit of a mix between Dutch and native African languages if I remember correctly right?

DrWan3880d ago

Don't let your hopes down, eventhough you weapon of choice is just a camera. some interesting game mechanics can come out of this. Not saying it's Fatal-Frame type quality but something definately can be brewing, i just don't see Sony internal studio spending such a huge amount of resources on a game that won't make a splash. Most of Sony internal studio games have proven success so far, with the except probably to Genji so far.