New Demos Coming to the Playstation Store!

PSP Demo Center posted an article on new psp demos:

"Get your hands on exclusive PLAYSTATION Network full games such as Go! Puzzle and Beats, playable demos like.....

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Hydrollex3883d ago

LOL you hacked ? 3 minutes after a news and 190 degree wow

v1c1ous3883d ago

190 degrees with 0 messages....

i can see now why anything with the words ps3, uncharted, r&c, or PSN in the title gets instant 1000 degrees

Bonsai12143883d ago

hmm, wipeout demo? i still remember playing the original on my friend's psx. let the good times roll

lawman11083883d ago Show
Darkiewonder3883d ago

I heard good things about that "Game" ;o

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