Japan: Wii tops YouTube, McDonald's Mega Mac in Trendy honors

The Nikkei Marketing Journal's Nikkei Trendy publication has revealed its list of "Best 30" consumer hits in Japan. In 2006, Nintendo took top honors with the DS. This year, the Wii outshined the rest, taking Trendy's top spot. The Wii has far surpassed the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japanese sales, and the magazine proclaims that it has "completely changed the way video game machines are used in the home."

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EZCheez3950d ago

Wii Fit's gonna put Billy in his place.

And kudos to the Japanese for realizing the greatness of doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

Seriously though, a MegaMac? Is that for real? I don't know but if the Japanese keep up with MegaMacs and KrispyKreme doughnuts there aren't enough copies of WiiFit in the world that would save them from obesity.

solar3950d ago

mega mac + release of wii fit = brilliant. nintendo know exactly what japanese gamers wanted. a balance board and a fat ass burger :D

PimpHandHappy3950d ago

dam them

they get all the best eltronics a year b4 us and now the megamac

dam them all

Darkiewonder3950d ago

Mega mac is back? [Actually, it was like a double Big Mac but still]

Come on, the US had that here for a couple of months way back in the days. I guess they knew we were going to be obese. but man, that burger was GOOD!

KidMakeshift3950d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

I can't see a japanese person eating that mountain of a burger

smoothdude3949d ago

I can't believe they get the Mega Mac. Geez Maybe we will get the mega mac over here when the wii balance board arrives.

KidMakeshift3949d ago

I thought McDonald's has this on it combo meals? They use to at least

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