Bioshock Infinite Dev: How to Create ‘Organic’ Characters

360 Magazine: Bioshock Infinite’s Ken Levine talks Irrational Game’s approach to character and story and just why it’s so important.

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jimmins2207d ago

I love Ken Levine. He and I go way back.

Biglet2207d ago

I would love to get organic with Elizabeth.

Dailynch2207d ago

Trust you to think of her as something sexyual! She's a real life person who's scared dammit! That big bird is after her for goodness knows what reason!

Biglet2207d ago Show
Biglet2207d ago

I forgot where I was for a moment there: amusing innuendo simply isn't appropriate for N4G's PG audience.

Trainz2207d ago

This game is just mario in first person except he found the princess on his first attempt.