Destructoid Mocks "BS" GameSpot

You may be forgiven for confusing the Destructoid Home Page for Gamespot, but don't worry, it's intentional but pay attention to the header and prepare to laugh.

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Meus Renaissance3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

"Now hiring reviews editors. No game playing needed! Must be good listening, PhD in BS preferred.."

"Formerly Destructoid until Gamespot showed us the way"

gamesblow3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

How professional... They don't realise they're whoring themselves out too, I suppose.

I love this part "that's news for free on Destructiod with out bias" Those idots are more bias than gamespot are. They're all xbox 360 fanboys over there and the main editor was on Gamehead with Geoff confessing that he was. He's a spooner and so is his site. I don't venture to them either.

Even worse... This whole thing got everyone more hits and more ad support. Everyone! Cause gamers are hitting on all the sites now just to see who's going to say what and why and when... It's like a soap opera. This whole thing is staged theatrics and such b.s.

Ziffdavis supports their fellow reviewers, huh? I bet they do... They support them so much they'll exploit them and use them for their own personal gain. same with these Destructoid and Joystick Cricket D*CKS! Kotaku should be chiming in soon... I'm suprised they're not. That's pretty admirable of them, actually.

This whole thing makes me sick!

EZCheez3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

It's just a joke, and I for one think it's kind of funny.

Don't take everything so seriously.

Besides the "Buy huge ads that take up the entire page and get a free 6/10 or 9/10" rating is hilarious watching the number rotate.

aaquib53759d ago

It's F*cking hilarious! Don't even try spewing your stupid BS around here. Destructoid isn't biased, 1UP isn't Biased, and neither is Joystiq. If you're the same Gamesblow that posts on the Playstation.Blog, then you're the one that's biased. Seriously, lighten up. It's one of the funniest things I've ever read, and here you are trying to say they're biased. Go to hell, or to Gamespot, where you belong.

antoinetm3759d ago

They might just get sued by CNet..

Now that will be something to laugh about :)

MaximusPaynicus3759d ago

A.) Lighten Up, it's a joke.
B.) They're independent. They pretty much can do whatever the hell they want.

atheistium3759d ago

Obviously your not a regular dtoid reader. Destructoid does this stuff a lot. People's birthdays we change our banner, funny things happening all this stuff. We are just a fun site :D Don't take it srsly.

DRUDOG3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Sued for what? And who agreed with that? That would be like sueing those jokers for the Jade cartoon; meaning it's ludicrous.

D'toid seems like a fun-lovin site that doesn't take itself or games too seriously and likes to take the piss out of anybody and everything. So go easy, cause your first reaction should not have have been to get all negative.

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solar3759d ago

funny yet unprofessional :D ::grabs resume::

Relcom3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Destructoid FTW! Very nice touch

Gestermann was right Kane and Lynch, Good story, but a terrible terrible game. Just awful in every department as far as gameplay goes.

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The story is too old to be commented.