Adverjournalism: The Role of Ad Dollars In Journalism

Gamer 2.0 editor Amadeo Plaza's note - December 1,2007:

"It should come as no surprise that just about every gaming forum on the internet is ablaze right now following the news of GameSpot's termination of long-time editor, Jeff Gerstmann. This article, however, is not an exposé or look into what really happened at GameSpot this week. Rather, consider this a look at the direction of gaming journalism, advertising, and how this all plays a role in the content you read."

Plaza claims he has background in journalism as well as advertising/marketing, which means he has a fair understanding of both sides of the fence. Here he reveals the changing dynamic between editorial and advertising in an industry that is becoming increasingly mainstream.

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AlexQuevedo3825d ago

As the title says, it's a solid read. It's going to be interesting to see how big and small sites are going to change. Clearly, small sites won't take over immediately, but they are there. Most of the sites are full of passion. Can't wait to see how things play out after it calms down a bit.

Danja3824d ago

I don't think things will change for the most talks dude..and as long as Sponsors are willing to shove money up there asses...things will remain the same...the only one with something to lose is this lil fiasco....all the other sites can all gain from this ..IMO..!

Amadeo3824d ago

Unfortunately, I think Danja might be on point with this one. Money rules the world, and for an advertiser, it doesn't make any sense to spread their funds across hundreds of smaller sites when one site's traffic encompasses all of the others. Not only do you have to do hundreds of different media buys, but you have to track the data of your ads across all those sites afterwards. It's just too much work, when it's easier to do a media buy on one site, and track that one site's data.

AnthonyPerez3824d ago

Oh man, IGN, 1UP and a bunch of other sites are going to increase their readership like crazy if users actually stick to their guns and jump ship, but we'll see how the readers really react.

Users should realize that their continued visits to GameSpot, even if it's to post how much they hate the site, is funding the site more because each page view = $. Media monetizes its readers, and they have to. It's the nature of the business.

Catering to advertisers and having it affect your editorial is another story though.

CrashSpyro1233824d ago

I don't think it'll change anything about the big sites in a big way, but it certainly should put the fear of god in them if this kind of stuff is going on around them. The negative backlash has to really show that letting this kind of BS get out can cause severe repercussions to the readership's trust.

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AlexQuevedo3824d ago

Yeah, I know he's right. And other sites will definately gain from this. Some of the reactions, though, are a bit extreme from what I've seen on the GS forums.

gamesblow3824d ago

I'm starting to think he wasn't fired at all... The more I think about it, I think he and Gamespot severed their relationship and he's going to move on to something else or another site or mag altogether or maybe even another company inside the videogame market.

The more I think of it... I think this is a bunch of trumped up soap opera bull S*IT... along the lines of something Vince McMahon would do in "firing" one of his wrestlers. To get ratings... in Gamespots favor, hits and more notoriety. They're the most famous gaming website there is right now and all because of Jeff being "fired"

Yeah, whatever... I call Bull S*IT on this whole thing. Jeff got his send off. the one he agreed to. That's my take. They're reaping the rewards from this and laughing at all of us, I believe. No one is going to get fired for that review he did. no one. It was an honest, split down the middle review. The game isn't a 9 or a 10. It's not Mass Effect, Uncharted or R&C... Sorry. Jeff didn't get fired for this review. This is staged theatrics.

gamesblow3824d ago

You can buy it... I'm not. It's not the 1st time companies would band together to keep something alive. You don't seem to get it, I suppose. How else could this guy have left on a higher note? how? You tell me what way he could've left, keeping his fanbase intact... He couldn't have. This guy has more of a fanbase now than he ever had. Gamespot is getting more hits than they ever have.

in the words of Master Cheif.. "they'll be fine" < LMFAO! What a piece a joke! how utterlly f*ckin' LAME! This whole thing is so stupid.

goldenxbox3824d ago

Fellow gamers, Gamer2.0 and the rest have it correct!!

Tell everyone to stop buying DELL, its horrible there are much better products out there !!!

This effect us all, we must send them a message that lasts and have them tossed off our gamerankings for good!!!!!!!

Amadeo3824d ago

I find that petition hilarious. If no one noticed, CNET owns both Metacritic and GameRankings, so I don't think that petition will get very far. lol.

Other than that, Gamesblow, he definitely got fired.

AlexQuevedo3824d ago

They own Metacritic too? Didn't know that. At least I usually don't check those for movie reviews lol. Rotten Tomatoes ftw

FilippoDinolfo3824d ago

I read a post on Destructoid today reporting on the Ziff Davis guys protesting Jeff's firing outside of the CNet offices. THey're CNet's competition and they're doing this. Somehow I think that the CNet heads may be beginning to think that firing him was a bad idea.

gamesblow3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Just stop already... This isn't real. none of it is. And even if it was... would it matter? You all act like these idiots are fighting a war for your freedom or something. Like if they lose you're gonna lose your trust funds or something.

Those Ziff Davis guys are morons... These cnet guys are idiots. They're both in it together. The whole staged protest was absurd at best. Deal with it. The only thing that would've made it more lame was if Jeff would've been out there with them wearing a 1up shirt and doing ctoch chops to his former employer.

gamesblow3824d ago

I'm sure Jeff is leaving... and I'm sure he was racking his brain with Gamespot and cnet and Microsoft all week long in coming up with a good exit out and they found it. Jeff is riding high on popularity and Gamespot is riding high on hits. Win and win again. you all are blind... sheeps and blind... mate in the spring so your spiecs don't fall behind.

AlexQuevedo3824d ago

Sorry if we can't buy into the a conspiracy like though. I respect your opinion, but I can't agree with it.

Amadeo3824d ago

I don't think CNET planned this. Jeff isn't like some old guy with a parachute. He's in his early thirties. It wasn't like he was getting paid gobs of money by CNET and quiting wasn't going to help his money situation anymore. It wasn't like he was on a pension. Gamespot is basically the top floor. There's very little moving up without going corporate. Journalism in general doesn't pay very well. I don't know where you're getting this idea from Gamesblow.

AnthonyPerez3824d ago

Yeah I'm sure Jeff, CNet and Microsoft (?) were rocking their brain's. I'm sure Jeff wanted to become unemployed badly so that GameSpot, the most popular videogame site on the net, would get controversial traffic which might lead to a mass exodus of its members...Great theory.

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