MSNBC: 'Kane and Lynch' is a game-noir gem (Verdict: Buy it)

MSNBC contributor Scott Taves reviews Kane & Lynch: Dead Men:

"Games have an uneven record when it comes to character development, storytelling and atmosphere. Too often the emphasis is on frames-per-second and surface textures. It's no wonder many games leave me feeling cold and unmoved.

'Kane & Lynch: Dead Men', out now for PS3, PC, and Xbox 360, is an exception to the graphics-driven norm..."

His verdict: Buy it

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solar3947d ago

effing right! ill run your ass over!! XD

Andreiy3947d ago

Anyone knows when eidos forums gonna get open again?

gamesblow3947d ago

Damage control... Eidos got to MSNBC too. What a pie'ce a' damn joke! I tell everyone who comes into my store how terrible this game is when they ask about it. I do the same with Assassins Creed.

Honeal2g3947d ago

but i dont get the reference to assassins creed ...what dont u like about it... i just dont see the replayablity in it so i would rent it but thats me

MK_Red3947d ago

You're dead wrong about Assassins. It's a great game and if you didn't like it, it's your problem not game's.

Panthers3947d ago

This game is good though. I liked it. I just played it a little, but it was fun. Graphics are terrible and stuff, but the game is fun.

shysun3947d ago

Do you work for Eidos?

unsunghero283947d ago

Maybe the MSNBC video game guy is worried he'll get fired...

goldenxbox3947d ago

You can't deny that is really shady !!!!!

A must buy game!?? More like a must rent fellow gamers !!!

We must send them a message they won't ever forget !!

For $15 that game is a buy and that's a maybe !!

Stop buying DELL PC and tell everyone to stay away from DELL, they are awful !!

We can not tolerate shady false reviews no matter what system we own !!!

actas1233947d ago

What an idiot.
Do u know that Dell is one of the most innovative companies in the whole world. Do u know that they spend on research and develpment tons of millions of dollars every single year just to make our lives easier. Also, they are one of the greenest companies in the world alongside Sony and Samsung. Also, they make the most reliable computers in the world (said JD powers and associates). Their laptops are among the highest ranked in customer satisfaction..

EZCheez3947d ago

Before you go calling anyone an idiot you need to go to a little website known as the Better Business Bureau website and shed some light on the truth for yourself. I won't argue any more than that because if you do you'll take back the idiot comment. I myself have had to file a complaint against Dell with the BBB and I'm one of the few who actually won.

Besides, I had a Dell whose screen crapped out only 11 months after purchase for absolutely no reason, and I keep my electronics immaculately clean. Seriously though, there are dozens of websites dedicated to getting the word out to customers like you who don't know the truth about this company and how they make money with misleading floating APR's and cut costs with HORRIBLE customer service that is based on the other side of the planet.

risk3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

LOL dell innovative? LOL i work with dell products (laptop) they are one of the worst managed companies around. try this, we ordered a replacement keyboard. we got....A FKING TV INSTEAD. innovative? yes if you are retarded.

heres a fact for you: IBM gets more money from royalties then you will make in your lifetime. (they have patents on soo many different things, that whenever a company sells their item they make a pecentage of that money.) and HP dwarfs dell in comparison to R&D. do you know what R&D is?

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