Xbox 360's DivX/XviD support doesn't include Media Center

Engadget writes:

"While most Xbox 360 owners could find something to look forward to in the Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update, Media Extender users just found out they've been skipped over, again. Just like the previous update adding H.264 support, the 360's newfound DivX compatibility doesn't apply when its being used as a Window Media Center Extender. AC3 audio support as well as a host of other media-related updates are nice, but Microsoft is leaving some of its most dedicated users out in the cold. We wonder what will get DivX first, Xbox 360 Media Center or the PlayStation 3?"

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romaink3951d ago

wow! those are some very good points.
Question: has the xbox 360 media center application ever been updated since its release?

WilliamRLBaker3951d ago

but then again i dont use the media extender i just use straight file streaming since i have no media center versions of an OS i could use it with my vista laptop but....nah

heres to hoping microsoft updates media extender.

Milkman5413951d ago

The media extender for the PS3 and 360 are the greatest things ever...Take all your music and movies stream them to your system and play them on your tv/surround sound system, and then be able to store them on the hard drive if you don't wanna stream them all the time...Next Gen FTW!

Douglasp3951d ago

On this link you will see how to get avi or Divx files to play on 360.

Look at question 10. You will see WMP11 supporting more codecs than MCE. So for those that need a MPEG 4 codec go here.

So install this codec. Turn on 360 and open the dashboard streamer or player. These wont work if you log into Media Center through your xbox. That is only for mostly Mpeg-2.

the worst3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

so theres no playback
can you play an divx movie
yes or no
or stream only
im lost

gta_cb3950d ago

you can stream them, but you cant by using Media Center. so you have to use either USB stick/HDD, Windows Media Player 11 or a 3rd party piece of software such as TVersity

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The story is too old to be commented.