What Hollywood blockbuster movies will get the game treatment for 2008?

Most gamers recognise that movie tie-ins are generally an exercise in soul-crushing disappointment. But, optimistic fools that they are, since when has that recurring fact ever stopped gamers getting feverishly excited about reliving big-screen action for small-screen kicks? Never.

For the benefit of everyone that lives in hope of a blockbuster game based on a blockbuster movie, GamesRadar cast their eye over some of Hollywood's hottest properties for 2008 to see if there's anything that looks genuinely worthy of anticipatory hysteria.

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gamesblow3830d ago

The worst thing to ever happen to Batman in videogame form was ones based off the movies. The best Batman games "which are few" are the ones built for games alone. Batman Vengence was 10 x the game Batman begins was. Batman is an ambitious character and being restricted to a movie scrpt and placement means that ambition must be cut down to size and thrown out the window. It's terrible. I don't want to relive the movie, I want to play a damn game. If I want to relive a movie, I'll watch it. Games and movies should never mix. Simple and clean.

Danja3830d ago

I agree with the whole games shouldn't follow the story line of the movies..

Spidermn 2 and The Hulk:Ultimate Destruction is the best games in that department..IMO..I hardly play the super-hero kinda games

Will they ever make a worthy superman game..?

Kareshi_X3830d ago

The IronMan Game Looks Great But Im Affraid It Will SUck Just Like Beowolf or Spiderman 3

Kareshi_X3830d ago

On The Other Hand, Sega are The one Developing The game So Maybe it Wont Suck that Much

IGNFTW3830d ago




gamesblow3830d ago

As I reported on my blogsite many weeks ago... Rambo is already in the works as we have a sku for it in our computers. It's called Rambo: born of war.

I posted it the same time I posted the Ghostbusters news, which was 2 weeks before anyone here knew about the new game, yet when I posted it as a tip you all denied it and said I was lying and got me kicked from posting tips anymore.

So whatever... I have documented proof on my blogsite, day and date and time of me posting it and many of my readers can say the same.

ry-guy3829d ago

Your blogsite is MySpace which is far from a blogsite. Yes you can 'blog' there but go get and format a better looking and better blog. It makes my EYES bleed every time I look at it.

Your tips are from your gaming store's computers (I think Gamestop is where you work?). This is far from a real tip because you record it in your own blog and site computers very few of us have access to to double check. Also, when you "blow the doors open" on these tips you're usually off the mark (GB3 only going to the PS3) and you're not a professional or respected member of the gaming journalistic community. This is one the reasons I loathe Surfer Girl and wonder why her no-name and no-credability blog get posted here as news.

akaFullMetal3830d ago

I think that if they made a batman like assassins, it would be really good, have batman eave drop to hear info on bad guys, have him hopping on the roofs and using his bat daggers like ......well daggers, ahahaha it wouldnt be the exact same thing, but some where on that bases

gamesblow3830d ago

No, that would suck... Assassins Creed sucks and tossing a new skin in it wouldn't help the cause. Batman needs to be invisioned by a fan of Batman and not a corporation. A company who actually loves the characters and books and cartoons and moives needs to sit down with Warner bros and the creators and see what they can do with the series, other than making it a movie adaptation to game.

They need to think less big and more conventonal. Well before GTA, BATMAN & ROBIN was a go anywhere and do anything game affair. It didn't work... it won't work now. Batman is driven by story and putting it in a GTA universe would kill the story.

D1ck Tracy on the nes worked for a lot of reasons cause each villan had a story attached to them and you didn't have to go after them in order. Thus free roaming gameplay worked well.

Batman is a franchise that needs care and an exclusive 1st party to work on it. 3rd party companies are in it for the money. They don't care what the product is in the end, so long as they have one to sell. Sony or Microsoft needs to buy the game rites and do it justice. all there is to it.

ShadoWulf3829d ago

The first thing I thought when seeing the AC trailer was "Holy crap Batman in Jerusalem!... except he actually kills people". That said, the game has major diferences from the comics. However, I think a free-roaming, roof-leaping, criminal busting game would work well as long as it kept with BATMAN and not some weird Spiderman+Assasin's game.

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