New Wii Fit Videos

Gamersyde has received 3 videos of the recently released Wii workout game, Wii Fit.

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akaFullMetal3944d ago

i dont think it looks that fun, or anything thatt the eyetoy can do, but some will enjoy it i guess

TheExodus3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Please, PS3's little webcam cannot do what Wii Remote & Wii Fit are capable of. Want to do with a camera setup what Wii can do for around $300 fine, but you will have to shell out nearly $40K ( ).

AddisonW3944d ago

What a pathetic joke.

Pet Rock
Wii Fit

eleaz143944d ago

takes a lot of "calibration"

besides, if i would want to do exercise i would prefer a hundred times to do it outside

atlys3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

a lot of people aren't going to like this but many more will. i think the calibration issues will probably be dealt with via updates. some people are assuming that this device is meant to take the place of a regular exercise program when it's not. this device is meant to enhance/supplement one's physical exercise routine. for someone that doesn't exercise at all, maybe this is intended to get them off the couch and interested in bettering their health. once it no longer meets their needs, maybe they'll find some way to further their exercise regime in some other way. for someone that already exercises regularly, this is just meant to give them a way to get their heart rate up when they can't get to the gym, when their life is too busy for something more strenuous.