Japanese Lost Odyssey TV Ad

Gamersyde writes:

"It's about time Microsoft started doing some TV ads for Lost Odyssey, but at least it's a nice one. Still, I'm starting to wonder if MS really believe in this game or not".

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Honeal2g3823d ago

i'd say 8.5/10 just cause ive seen what ff13 could look like graphically so i kno this game could have looked better although it looks pretty damn nice...and for u sonyfanboys ff13 is made on the white engine a propietery engine made by Square and guess wat its multiplatform so dont even try saying some nonsense....and for those of you who only own a ps3 but can respect this game atleast for its efforts i tip my hat to you cause most ppl dont have the balls to that...

Odion3823d ago

cause you've played it right?

I like the giant robot moving through the forest it reminds me of howls moving castle.

Rhezin3823d ago


Zhuk3822d ago

pretty cool commercials, I love Sakaguchi's games and I know I am going to enjoy this one. This will probably be the biggest title for the Xbox 360 in Japan yet and they're are going to continue to need games like this to really make inroads into the Japanese market, which is notoriously difficult to crack for western game companies.

Odion3822d ago

Zhuk the only way MS can make any inroad is if they dropped millions upon millions of dollars to get FFXIII and a next-gen dragon quest to only come out on the 360

Zhuk3822d ago

I agree that to be able to compete against the indigenous video game companies they would have to do something that drastic, but I think if Microsoft continues on the long term strategy they have they can carve out a respectable piece of marketshare for themselves.

While the 360 is being outsold considerably by the Wii and PS3 in Japan, compared to the sales of the original Xbox in Japan the 360 is a resounding success for them. If they can keep it up and realistically sell over a million consoles in Japan at least by the end of the 360s lifetime, I think they will have come a long way in helping to crack the Japanese market. It's going to be a long road though, it'll be interesting to see if Microsoft is willing to keep on slugging it out

Vojkan3822d ago

Gayest game i have ever seen

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