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Submitted by danswayuk 1536d ago | news

Skyrim PS3 patch 2.01: Problems continue for some

Gaming In Entertainment writes: After more than a week of pain for Skyrim PS3 owners, it is now hoped that the patch v2.01, which has just gone live to download a few moments ago, will fix the really bad lag issues.

3 hours in and still no lag, although we have seen reports from our readers that some of you have installed the PS3 patch and get lag after a few hours. As a note, our test machine is a PS3 slim. (PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

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lastdual  +   1536d ago
A lot of complaints that the lag isn't gone for people who already have large save files:

However, most say that it is at least a bit better, not as bad as this:

What's not known is whether starting a new game post-patch will prevent the huge save files and framerate lag from cropping up in the first place. We'll probably have to wait a week until people get 60-70 hours into their new characters to find out.
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Lucreto  +   1536d ago
My save is about 7mb at the moment and I did experience some slow down.

It was snowing in Dawnstar and I was getting attacked by a dragon and the whole village was helping. That caused some problems.
norman29  +   1536d ago
Im at over 12mb and i just got into a battle with a dragon and the whole game had a seizure, it dropped to about 5fps i had to hold buttons down (R1 to draw weapon, dpad to open quick menu) just for them to work, all the time the dragon i started too attacked had flown off (i presume too attack something nearby) so i followed it at 5fps and noticed it had stopped midair and was having an epileptic fit, its a bit like the flying stretchy bodys from Fallout 3 apart from it was just stuck in 1 spot flicking around
StraightPath  +   1536d ago
Never tried the patch yet but hopefully the lag is gone. seriously PS3 version sucks hard.

Xbox and PC version are laughing at its medicore performance missed up by bethesda haha
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MysticStrummer  +   1536d ago
All versions of the game have multiple problems. I've been saving/quitting/continuing and haven't had much problem with lag, with a 13mb save file.
DonaldBeck  +   1536d ago
lens of truth do not know what they are talking about, i have two of the same versions and they purposefully made the ps3 version look washed out compared to the 360 version. thats where they get there hits on there websites, to create controversy. i got my laptop and compared every screenshot they had posted to my ps3 version, and i made carefully all the specs were the same. 50/light 50/sharpness/ no advanced adaptive luma/ same everything. and i found the ps3 version in fact does not look washed out at all, it looks phenominal. my psnid is flamesofhell 44. i will take a video of the settings and show everyone. i seriously laugh at the sad state gamers are in when they have no hope but a biased website making false claims.
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Blackdeath_663  +   1536d ago
i dont understand why cant they just split their save files like i do? or is it the auto-save file they are talkin about
MysticStrummer  +   1536d ago
I wonder if starting a new character will still corrupt your original character's file...?
MysticStrummer  +   1536d ago
I just turned the game on and no patch...?
rdgneoz3  +   1536d ago
According to their forums, they're doing it region by region. I've yet to see a patch as well.
danswayuk  +   1536d ago
It will be live now, US was a little later than UK.
brodychet  +   1536d ago
Robotronfiend  +   1536d ago
My save file is just over 9mb (PS3) and I've had only a few issues. I get intermittent lag, but not very often outside of the auto saves. I've only had one freeze that required a restart since I started playing.
Avernus  +   1536d ago
Disappointed at the PS3's mediocre version. I know Bethesda makes games with bug, but this is ridiculous. FA3 and FA:NV had this SAME issue, and they didn't fix it for their new game?

I love the game, but it sucks to play on the PS3.
eak3  +   1536d ago
Seriously wtf are you talking about? I have almost 100 hrs clocked on this game on my ps3 Slim over 3 characters and have had minimial difficulties. I've had one freeze and very very little of the choppiness that people are experiencing. This game on my PS3 has been a complete joy.
Avernus  +   1535d ago
Well that's you. Because you had an almost perfect play through doesn't mean the whole world does. There's 1000's of complaints about this shit, so I'm not the only one grasping at shit to complain about.

It's a good game, but the frame rate issues on the PS3 is complete BS. Yet again we took it up the rear as PS3 owners.

Thank you Bethesda for a weak attempt on the PS3 yet again, and giving us DLC a month later.
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Redempteur  +   1535d ago
lol you're clearly one of the lucky ones...
blaze22-qwerty  +   1536d ago
I Have a Fix:

1- Delete Your Skyrim Game Data ، Save Data ، Everything about Skyrim on your PS3 (You HAVE to do this )

2- Activate PS3 SAFE MODE ( Google it if you dont know what it means ) choose Restore FILE System i repeat RESTORE FILE SYSTEM ( it wont delete any thing)

3- Wait for it to RESTORE YOUR FILES

4- Turn Off your PS3

5- Wait For 5 Minutes ، turn your PS3 ON AGAIN

6- Put the Skyrim disk in your PS3 DOWNLOAD THE PATCHES

7- Enjoy!!

I played for 17 Hours straight and NOTHING Happend finally you can Enjoy Skyrim Without LAG!

EDIT: My Save File is 12mb
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Resistance_lord  +   1536d ago
What?!, NO!
geddesmond  +   1536d ago
You honestly expect something like that to work lol. why turn off the PS3 for 5 minutes and then turn it back on. Is the 5 minute wait some magic trick you need to do or it won't work. What if I turn it off for 4 minutes 52 seconds or 5 mins 10 seconds. Will my system blow up.

The internet is filled with tricks people think work. Do you know how many worked for me? NONE.
Mr_cheese  +   1536d ago
my game completely froze earlier when in combat against 3 enemies using magic. This was 2 hours in after the update and I had been experiencing some lag 30 mins prior.
blaze22-qwerty  +   1536d ago
Look at my post for the FIX
Mr_cheese  +   1536d ago
just read your post, sounds good.
Mr_cheese  +   1536d ago
why did I get a disagree for telling people about my experience with the freeze? tut tut people
ricky360  +   1536d ago
Are you still having problems?
Mr_cheese  +   1536d ago
yeah, it seems to happen more frequent with the update. I haven't put it back on since it froze though.
blaze22-qwerty  +   1536d ago
Guys it worked for me why the disagrees
Reborn  +   1536d ago
Because experiences will vary?
D3mons0ul  +   1536d ago
Because you suggest we should delete everything we worked for thus far and nobody wants to hear that as a solution.

Some people probably think you're a troll trying to get people to delete their saves for malicious reasons.
geddesmond  +   1536d ago
Anyway it worked for me for 30 minutes and then it lags worse now because dungeons start lagging for me know when before the patch dungeons worked perfectly and that was the reason why I stayed playing Skyrim, because no matter how bad the game lagged outside all I had to do was make it to a dungeon and I could play how the game should play for half an hour until I cleared the dungeon. Bethesda are screw ups.
danswayuk  +   1536d ago
What model PS3 are you using?
danswayuk  +   1536d ago
It's interesting as we've played post patch for 4 hours with no lag on a PS3 slim and a 12MB save file, although this many people having issues after the update means Bethesda still have work to do.
fragnificent  +   1536d ago
thanks for the article anyway mate, even if it didnt work for some, good to know that bethesda are doing something at least.
ricky360  +   1536d ago
It seems the 360 may have been the better console for Skyrim.
Snakefist30  +   1536d ago
Because it was made for the 360 and then port it to ps3.If they could have make ps3 the lead platform we wouldnt be seeing this lag issue!!
Silly gameAr  +   1536d ago

That's what people want you to believe.
Redlogic  +   1536d ago
I swear it has somethin to do with having a slim or fat ps3.
danswayuk  +   1536d ago
I know players with the Slim that have bad lag post Skyrim patch, although I have a Slim with a large save file and it has been running really smooth for over 4 hours after the patch.
Redlogic  +   1536d ago
Yea, I meant whether the patch works or not. I haven't had a chance to try out the patch yet, but I have a fat and have been experiencing lag. We will see soon if the patch fixes my issues.
MasterCornholio  +   1536d ago
There's people on The forums claiming that they lowered the texture quality. Can anyone confirm this?

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Zynga   1536d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
danswayuk  +   1536d ago
This is pure rumor and after playing for many hours post patch I can confirm nothing has changed with the textures on the PS3.
ricky360  +   1536d ago
I saw a friends ps3 version after the patch today and it looks the same.
nan0  +   1535d ago
Actually, that's the first thing I noticed when I started it up. Whiterun doesn't look as nice. It doesn't lag at all anymore in there. It looked a little more oblivion like. X_X Also, I was in fight with 3 dragons at once and once dragon's details were absolutely gone. It was like... PS1 graphics. I saved and reloaded. The framerate was fixed (it was suffering at like 10 FPS) and thats when I noticed the dragon had horrid detail *couldnt even see it's face* once it died, it looked normal and then faded away normally.

It still looks great, and I'm used to it now, but it seems they lowered the textures or graphics in general.
aceloth  +   1536d ago
Since the PS3 has separate VRAM, and the issue seems to stem from play data, I doubt they would reduce texture size as a fix.

Don't forget that there is no loading between zones, so the game data needs to be available at all times. Any time you travel around, the game does a lookup to match environment data such as dead bodies, their inventories...heck leave an axe on the ground half way across the map, and it will be there if you run back.

Most probably Bethesda can optimize the video stream to less than 256 MB of VRAM, thus leaving more of the 512 MB of unifed XB360 data space available for the execution code + real time play time.

They are most probably streaming that data from the PS3 drive on the fly, thus the lag with big files.

Maybe real-time SPU driven game data compresssion / decompression would help, thus making the most of the 256 MB of RAM ??
PirosThe4th  +   1535d ago
They can use the XDR as swap memory...
So much for your knowledge...
aceloth  +   1529d ago
Have a read at the below, if you think that the PS3 memory partition is not an issue here::

Starfox811  +   1536d ago
The lag has mostly gone for me, it crops up again in some large cities (like Solitude) and when traversing a mountain or something but its noticeably better. Have noticed new glitches though, when crouching sneaking crosshairs wont come up, or I stand up and they wont go away. Also had it when I keep moving forward for a while and then stop on the thumbstick my character will keep running unless I stop them via jumping or swinging a sword.
Colonel_Dante  +   1536d ago
On the topic of glitches...after the patch when I store my gear in a chest at a house it turns red when I want to take it out later! Like, Im trying to steal my own stuff. Just..ridiculous..
n4gisatroll  +   1536d ago
I'm so happy I didn't buy this. I have been very cautious with bethesda ever since fallout 3. People praise them, but its always the same issues. Frame rate, corrupt files, long loads. It's just insane they don't test out there game before releasing it.
Colonel_Dante  +   1536d ago
... I wont be getting burned again..Oblivion.. Fallout 3.. Fallout NV.. Skyrim.. ,Ive had enough. I thought just maybe their claims of "new game engine"(like thats true...) would resolve the issues of old, but it hasnt. And textures are lower now making Skyrim look near identical to Oblivion.
Im sorry Bethesda, Our love has gone.
You have lied to me too many times.This is the last time. Goodbye!
SephirothX21  +   1536d ago
I don't see many bugs on pc. I seriously think people are exaggerating or picking at straws. Play the damn game instead of taking out your magnifying glasses to see if you can spot insignificant unnoticeable differences between different versions of the game!
Neko_Mega  +   1536d ago
You think they would have learn this after Fallout New Vegas, my file for it is about 14mb and it doesn't just lag. It freeze's.
Bolts  +   1536d ago
Seeing how they could not resolve large save file issues in both Fallout 3 and Fallout Vegas there's little chance of them being to do so with Skyrim. This is a systematic problem with engine and the PS3 which will continue until you plug a gig of RAM into it.

So glad I went with the PC version. Using ambient occlusion and the high quality texture filtering tweaks from the game looks amazing with no mods installed. The texture details have so much depth now.
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ForROME  +   1536d ago
There's a good patch that came out for the PS3 lag its called

"buy the xbox version" patch

Seriously I learned my lesson, i bought oblivion on my PS3 which I love until the stupid vampire bug screwed me and then I found out it was only on PS3.

Do yourself a favor not only DONT buy a game like this when it comes out, wait for the GOTY editions with all DLC content and patches are out and get it on the platform with the least issues

Maybe Next Gen Bethesda youll get it right on all platforms
Relice  +   1535d ago
All problems, becouse consoles SUX. Played on PC about 90 hours, and still no problems.
Domer25  +   1535d ago
Thanks for your unhelpful post.....
IaussieGamer  +   1535d ago
I have had no problems at all running skryrim on my ps3 patch or no patch.
nan0  +   1535d ago
It's functioning better than before, but the graphics do look a bit tweaked down. I just wish load times were minutes long. Sigh. Atleast once it loads I have a good time to play.

However, it completely sucks walking out of a dungeon, fast traveling, and then walking into the door of finishing the quest, and then walking out, and then having to fast travel again, that takes like 5-10 minutes. D:
Brixxer600  +   1535d ago
Mine seems to be working fine , got a slim PS3 , pre patch my save file was 9.8mb but post patch it's now down to just over 8mb , i'm over 70 hours in.
CultOfPersonality  +   1535d ago
Fix the forsworn and chidea mine quests it's broken cant get into markarth even though I've paid them off the guards. Can't get 100% on thieves guild radiant quests
creessy  +   1535d ago
The lag generated by the weather has been fixed.. snowflakes and other elements no longer slow me down. The only lag I encounter is when I enter town where there are loads of people wandering around OR when I sprint towards large buildings or mountains.. it is probably due to the HDD loading up the necessary files.
Hopefully, the next patches will allow us to delete Quests.
Nalrogi  +   1535d ago
After I downloaded the patch I noticed that the load times are slightly longer. Anyone else experienced the same issue?
creessy  +   1535d ago
Yes i have as well, only marginally though. The best thing to do to speed the load times when zoning is to disable the Autosaving.
Nalrogi  +   1535d ago
ExposingLames  +   1535d ago
now in my game i cannot fight dragons at all they just fly around glitched and i cant fast travel cuz "enemies are nearby" but they just warp around in the sky and do nothing. Now my game freezes all the time, when before the patch it hardly ever locked my PS3 up. what a joke.
Scuzzlebutt  +   1535d ago
Please for the love of dog, stop calling it "lag". Lag is a slang term for network latency. You guys are talking about a drop in the frame rate.

And no the patch didn't change the texture, don't spread wild nonsense theories. From some reports (which can be accessed by more scientific people), they may have change the AA to get rid of some of the blur. Since it is FXAA it is tunable.

So the patch works as intended. There is still some sort of memory leak, but instead of 20 mintuted it takes over two hours. Not the end of the world, most people don't sit and play for that long and if they want to they can just exit the game and jumo back in for another two hours. On the PC I get booted to the desktop randomly more often than that.
axerated  +   1535d ago
People saying that the texture res wasn't lowered; yes I'm pretty sure it has been, I played it 2 days ago and it was still looking ok, I installed the patch having read no patch notes or comments and my first thought at the loading screen where you can manipulate whichever object you get shown was "why does it look more pixelated?" then the game started up and everything looks pixelated, not too pretty at all. Think I'll remove the patch data and play without for now, hadn't experienced slow down yet anyhow...
OSIRUSSS  +   1535d ago
Seriously How can this be GoTY? I'm asking in all Honesty What does it say about the gaming Culture when a game is in consideration for GoTY and at some points the Framerate dips to 5 FPS?
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