Skyrim PS3 patch 2.01: Problems continue for some

Gaming In Entertainment writes: After more than a week of pain for Skyrim PS3 owners, it is now hoped that the patch v2.01, which has just gone live to download a few moments ago, will fix the really bad lag issues.

3 hours in and still no lag, although we have seen reports from our readers that some of you have installed the PS3 patch and get lag after a few hours. As a note, our test machine is a PS3 slim.

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lastdual2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

A lot of complaints that the lag isn't gone for people who already have large save files:

However, most say that it is at least a bit better, not as bad as this:

What's not known is whether starting a new game post-patch will prevent the huge save files and framerate lag from cropping up in the first place. We'll probably have to wait a week until people get 60-70 hours into their new characters to find out.

Lucreto2156d ago

My save is about 7mb at the moment and I did experience some slow down.

It was snowing in Dawnstar and I was getting attacked by a dragon and the whole village was helping. That caused some problems.

norman292155d ago

Im at over 12mb and i just got into a battle with a dragon and the whole game had a seizure, it dropped to about 5fps i had to hold buttons down (R1 to draw weapon, dpad to open quick menu) just for them to work, all the time the dragon i started too attacked had flown off (i presume too attack something nearby) so i followed it at 5fps and noticed it had stopped midair and was having an epileptic fit, its a bit like the flying stretchy bodys from Fallout 3 apart from it was just stuck in 1 spot flicking around

StraightPath2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Never tried the patch yet but hopefully the lag is gone. seriously PS3 version sucks hard.

Xbox and PC version are laughing at its medicore performance missed up by bethesda haha

MysticStrummer2156d ago

All versions of the game have multiple problems. I've been saving/quitting/continuing and haven't had much problem with lag, with a 13mb save file.

DonaldBeck2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

lens of truth do not know what they are talking about, i have two of the same versions and they purposefully made the ps3 version look washed out compared to the 360 version. thats where they get there hits on there websites, to create controversy. i got my laptop and compared every screenshot they had posted to my ps3 version, and i made carefully all the specs were the same. 50/light 50/sharpness/ no advanced adaptive luma/ same everything. and i found the ps3 version in fact does not look washed out at all, it looks phenominal. my psnid is flamesofhell 44. i will take a video of the settings and show everyone. i seriously laugh at the sad state gamers are in when they have no hope but a biased website making false claims.

Blackdeath_6632156d ago

i dont understand why cant they just split their save files like i do? or is it the auto-save file they are talkin about

MysticStrummer2156d ago

I wonder if starting a new character will still corrupt your original character's file...?

MysticStrummer2156d ago

I just turned the game on and no patch...?

rdgneoz32156d ago

According to their forums, they're doing it region by region. I've yet to see a patch as well.

danswayuk2156d ago

It will be live now, US was a little later than UK.

Robotronfiend2156d ago

My save file is just over 9mb (PS3) and I've had only a few issues. I get intermittent lag, but not very often outside of the auto saves. I've only had one freeze that required a restart since I started playing.

Avernus2156d ago

Disappointed at the PS3's mediocre version. I know Bethesda makes games with bug, but this is ridiculous. FA3 and FA:NV had this SAME issue, and they didn't fix it for their new game?

I love the game, but it sucks to play on the PS3.

eak32155d ago

Seriously wtf are you talking about? I have almost 100 hrs clocked on this game on my ps3 Slim over 3 characters and have had minimial difficulties. I've had one freeze and very very little of the choppiness that people are experiencing. This game on my PS3 has been a complete joy.

Avernus2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Well that's you. Because you had an almost perfect play through doesn't mean the whole world does. There's 1000's of complaints about this shit, so I'm not the only one grasping at shit to complain about.

It's a good game, but the frame rate issues on the PS3 is complete BS. Yet again we took it up the rear as PS3 owners.

Thank you Bethesda for a weak attempt on the PS3 yet again, and giving us DLC a month later.

Redempteur2155d ago

lol you're clearly one of the lucky ones...

blaze22-qwerty2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I Have a Fix:

1- Delete Your Skyrim Game Data ، Save Data ، Everything about Skyrim on your PS3 (You HAVE to do this )

2- Activate PS3 SAFE MODE ( Google it if you dont know what it means ) choose Restore FILE System i repeat RESTORE FILE SYSTEM ( it wont delete any thing)

3- Wait for it to RESTORE YOUR FILES

4- Turn Off your PS3

5- Wait For 5 Minutes ، turn your PS3 ON AGAIN

6- Put the Skyrim disk in your PS3 DOWNLOAD THE PATCHES

7- Enjoy!!

I played for 17 Hours straight and NOTHING Happend finally you can Enjoy Skyrim Without LAG!

EDIT: My Save File is 12mb

geddesmond2156d ago

You honestly expect something like that to work lol. why turn off the PS3 for 5 minutes and then turn it back on. Is the 5 minute wait some magic trick you need to do or it won't work. What if I turn it off for 4 minutes 52 seconds or 5 mins 10 seconds. Will my system blow up.

The internet is filled with tricks people think work. Do you know how many worked for me? NONE.

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