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Best Bow in Skyrim gives over 1000 damage

Gaming In Entertainment writes: After 150 hours playing Skyrim and focusing on Archery you’d think most bows are either found, or you know about them. Today has been a reality check for us, which was met with both drooling and a sense of excitement to boot up Skyrim and find/create a bow that does well over 1000 damage. (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

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maxbox99  +   1409d ago
Kinda ruins the experience when you can kill anything with a single arrow... Maybe can you play on novice while you're at it...
noprin  +   1409d ago
not really,I like bow's sneak attacks which kill anything ;-)
Nevers  +   1409d ago | Well said
Well... just because you have the bow doesn't mean you need to use it.

I mean... I would... but you don't have to.
malol  +   1409d ago
IT WONT ruins the game since lots of time is needed to get all the stuff you need to get to that level
like crafting material and perks and sh!t

So by the time you get the sword its already game over for like 95% of the missions

so yah
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GarandShooter  +   1409d ago
kma2k  +   1409d ago
the bow is nice, but seriously where did you get the sword? My deadric swords on legandary are like 60 dammage, wtf 600?
arnyftw  +   1409d ago
wow are you serious? I get random swords off people I kill and my sword does 59 damage. Have you selected any two handed perks? (Or one handed, if this is onehanded then it is quite powerful)
kma2k  +   1409d ago
i have two one handed deadric swords with no enchantments at the momeny. I just started dabbling into enchantments last night. My smitting is at 100 but enchantment is like 32 so i got a ways to go. I wasnt aware alchemy came into play with making weapons?
NnT3291  +   1409d ago
If you have 100% Smithing, Enchanting and Alchemy, you can craft weapons with that kind of damage.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1409d ago
My best Bow does 80 damage with soul capture + 10 points of fire damage. this is insane right here.
Dunpeal  +   1409d ago
to ppl keep saying that these high powered weapons kill the game:

I say that is your opinion. this game is meant to be played differently by each person. so each choice is relative to the individual playing it. I went for the best gear right way via smithing/enchanting and I don't regret it. it's not like I command consoled it. I actually labored through the ridiculous amount of daggers and such that I had to run around and make, felt like work actually, but the end justified the means, for me, and I'm having a blast playing the game STILL
Kahvipannu  +   1409d ago
Yeah, there will be mods for balancing the weapons, or the opposite. Great thing about games like Skyrim is that people can mod them more to own liking, and there will be everything for everyone.
thedarkvault  +   1409d ago
might as well just play with god mode on.
Dunpeal  +   1409d ago | Well said
maybe some find it fun to have god-like powers in a FANTASY game?
GoGoGamer  +   1409d ago | Funny
I used to have a bow like that...then I took an arrow to the knee.
SwampCroc  +   1409d ago
I'm not sure about this... something about it says modded PC weapons are being created....

I don't know.... so far I only have 1 character and it's pretty much all Mage... I only have 2 swords in my inventory DragonBane and a Dwarven Sword of Animus to get souls... (just hit them and then I switch back to my spells)

but I did notice something last night...

I just got the Radiant Destruction Spell... and you learn Firestorm as the Master Spell... and after the quest completes Faralda @ the College will have 2 new tomes for sale.... Blizzard and Lightning Storm....

well I bought Lightning Storm cuz I ain't really messing with Ice spells...

anyway to my point... FireStorm - Master Spell - Costs like 360 Magicka on my dude.... Lightning Storm - also Master Spell - Costs around 34....

Thunderbolt which is a Expert Destruction Spell costs 94 each time on my dude... it's strange as hell

I have a Master Spell that costs less to cast then some Expert, Adept, and Apprentice spells I have. it doesn't make sense, but I'm loving it.
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Stretchystrong  +   1409d ago
I'm totally going to create this weapon to mess around with sometimes. I bet it send people flying down mountains.
SuperSaiyan4  +   1409d ago
600 damage no way
I have smithing maxed out and even with an enchanting potion and the perks for enchanced enchanting I have stuff I wear to make my smithing go even higher on top of which ive drunk a 50% smithing potion and there is no way I can get my 2H daedric sword over 169 damage even with the perks for 2h sword skills. At best I would probably be able to get around 175 damage on it but 600? Hell no sounds like modded PC to me.
DARK WITNESS  +   1409d ago
well I have a bow that does 220 points of damage (thats with perks and a boosted ring and gauntlets. I enchanted it to do soul trap within 5 secs, 15 points of fire damage per sec and 50 points of ice damge to health and stamina.

I call it my bow of silence,lol
TopDudeMan  +   1409d ago
Dang, I thought my legendary daedric bow was good...

I kill just about any enemy in one hit if I get a sneak attack.
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Banok  +   1409d ago
All of this is based on this thread


you can make a daedric bow do 2583 base Damage without any mods/cheats. and a 1 handed sword can do 5500 damage.

obviously 200 damage is enough to beat the whole game without a challenge on master difficulty, its just a challenge to see how high you can get it.
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Bolts  +   1409d ago
There's good things about Skyrim, and there's bad things about Skyrim. The uber crafting system that allow you to render the entire game pointless by being a one shot god is the bad.
Dunpeal  +   1409d ago
Simple Step by Step Directions
1. Once you have max perks and 100 in each skill...
2. Enchant fortify alchemy helm, ring, gloves + necklace. The buff should be +25 on each for + 100 total.
3. Put on the gear and make 4 fortify enchant potions (+ 27ish?)
4. Use those potions to make better fortify alchemy gear. Note... You have to be quick because you only have 30 seconds per potion.
5. Use that gear to make better fortify enchanting potions...
6. Keep repeating 4 - 5 until you can make fortify alchemy + 29 on each piece (116 total)
7. Use 4 +32 enchanting pots to create fortify smithing rings, neck, gloves and chest.
8. Make some fortify smithing potions (+130% with your alchemy gear)
9. Craft daedric armor, shield and weapon.
10. Put on your smithing gear, drink the potion (130 + 116 = +246% to smithing), then improve your weapons.
11. Make about 10 enchanting potions (+32)
12. Enchant a ring gloves and neck with fortify heavy armor and fortify one handed. I believe the number was 29 for armor 47% for weapon? Not in front of computer.
13. Enchant health / heavy armor to chest.
14. Enchant one handed / stamina to boots.
15. Enchant helm with whatever you want... (archery... Magic?)

I honestly didn't take it that far or even think of that until I discovered I could mess with alchemy potions, but by that time I had already had my smitthing and enchant maxed out and made my smithing gear. honestly it was tedious and the process above is insanely more tedious lol no way i'm doing all that at this point, but more power to those who choose to. that is the beauty that is skyrim
dusty_duster  +   1409d ago
Sorry but I can get more damage on my Daedric Bow. I'm an Argonian so no double damage via Orsimer Berserker Rage.

I'd also like to add that I play on Master and I never use the Marksman potion. It takes around 3 to 5 shots to kill a dragon without taking the Marksman potion.

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dusty_duster  +   1408d ago
Just noticed that I didn't equip Daedric Arrows when I took the pictures.

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