HaloRadar: Snipers exposed: Want revenge on those camping bastards?

GamesRadar writes, "Snipers - your days are numbered. For months, you've terrorized us, frustrated us and annoyed the hell out of us. Lurking in the shadows, crouching behind walls and hiding on ledges, you inflate your kill count without moving a single multiplayer muscle."

"No longer. Using Bungie's amazing heat maps, we've pinpointed every one of your convenient and comfortable camping spots. Now we're revealing them to the world... so prepare to adapt if you hope to survive."

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YoMeViet3644d ago

Meh nothing wrong with sniping, it's a good tactic and effective as long as you are smart. Like they say:

"All is Fair in Love and WAR"

kiko893643d ago

so very true the best snipping kill is killing good snipers :)

FirstknighT3644d ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....Don't spill all my secrets!

Daxx3644d ago

Then why are you here???


FirstknighT3644d ago

And more whining from you.

KrazyKoala3644d ago

Nice break from all the Uncharted news, don't you think?

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EZCheez3644d ago

I despise snipers. It's so much more fun to be out there in the thick of it and in my opinion it takes A LOT more skills to get kills out in the middle of the map and in the heat of the battle than to get them hiding in a freaking corner. To each his own though.

There is nothing more satisfying than slitting a sniper's throat though. At least they provide that much satisfaction.

SnakeCL3644d ago

Well, with that kill-cam, its pretty easy to figure out where that sniper is hiding...

Jdash243644d ago

you gotta love that killcam........wish halo had it thou

Bonsai12143644d ago

isn't sniping in cod4 a lot more annoying because if you play with perks, you can get the wall penetrator perk, and just blast people through walls with the sniper? especially since i heard cod4 was a campfest, if you know where they camp out through the walls, you can just take aim and fire.

lord knows i did that in cs. i would use free spectate, find popular camping spots, zoom through the wall and find out where to shoot to wall them

socomnick3643d ago

Lol you wouldn't like me then in cod 4 Im the team sniper always staying alive getting in helis and air strikes.

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The story is too old to be commented.