"Freaked-out" Eidos ducks CNET firing rumor

ValleyWag reports that Eidos is "freaking out" over l'affaire Gerstmann; top management there, an insider says, sincerely believes they didn't prompt CNET to fire Gerstmann, but fears they'll get the blame anyway.

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WafflesID3795d ago

So Eidos should hire him. That'd be the ultimate FU to gamespot.

JeffK worked on C&C3, Im sure they can find something for Gertsmann to do :)

name3795d ago

I hope Eidos can recover for this if they're telling the truth. But this thing has already reached an astounding level, I dunno if they will completly shake this. Regardless, I wish them a recovery if they're innocent.

squirrelly893795d ago

Well guess what Eidos?? Crap rolls down hill and your company quite possibly had an "indirect" influence, phfft!

goldenxbox3795d ago

Gamers, this goes to show you why you can't trust those reviews anyways and that they are rigged !!!!


We are reaching a critical point and once we reach 500 signators, the entire petition is going to be landing on Josh Larsen's desk !!!!

That's right we have found how to get direct hold of that awful CNET editor Larson who has been causing the Gamespot downfall !!!!

Gamers, don't trust shady reviews and don't buy DELL !!!

Komrad3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

this would have NEVER happened if Kane & Lynch was as good as their advertising. If their games were awesome then they'd have nothing to worry about, this is a good swift kick in eidos' pants regardless.

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