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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review (HonestGamers)

Tom Chick writes: "This is when Skyrim will reward you most richly. Not when you're trying to win, or beat it, or get to the end, or level up, or earn the achievements. Not when you're playing it like a stat-based RPG, or a single-player MMO, or a challenge. Skyrim is putatively a game. More accurately, it's a narrative loom." (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360) 7/10

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SephirothX21  +   1220d ago
I think the game is a 9.5/10 so far. Many people are fussy when it comes to bugs. I'm playing on pc and haven't seen any game breaking bugs so far. Small bugs don't seem to bother me. This is an open world game after all where a lot of simulations are happening at once where the player has huge freedom and I'm quite satisfied with the game from a technical standpoint taking that into consideration. I think many reviewers just pick at straws to give the game a lower score than the average. Imo, the game more than compensates for its flaws.
Kanzes  +   1220d ago
so much for who given Uncharted 3 4/10 score
NukaCola  +   1220d ago
Yeah that was such a trash review that was not a reflection of any valid point. 4/10 is something you give to a title like Blackwater the game. Where nothing is good from graphics, to gameplay it's a fail. Uncharted or Skyrim could totally suck gameplaywise but the story, visuals, sound, and art still is worth more than what these reviews gave. You may not like that Uncharted 3 tells a linear story but get the hell over it because it's a style of game design. Like how Skyrim is open, so you want to gig it for having too much content?

Either which way, HonestGamer reviews don't read like normal reviews, they read like whiney blogs previewing the first 10-30 minutes of gameplay and then there is a rant at the end (among complaining throughout). Even as it appears they are heavy 360 shooter fans their scores by large are lower than the mean and there is no subtext or content to truly justify their score decisions. But what ever it takes to get ratings. I am personally a fan of good reviews that are in depth, but you don't see that much anymore. Not like reading an EGM 5 years ago. It's all "WHO CAN POST ONLINE AT MIDNIGHT PLUS 1 MINUTE FIRST!???!!!" Really disappointing if you ask me.

Honest can be negative, but it's not honest to bash and ridicule a game without any point to make. Just proving media in gaming is losing any integrity it had left.
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DARK WITNESS  +   1220d ago
lol, well all I can say is if skyrim is a 7/10 game then every other game this year just got automatically dropped by 3 or 4 points. If skyrim is a 7 there is not a single other game this year so far I would rate higher so they will all need to rated as 6's and 5's out of 10.

Is skyrim perfect, no! could it be improved.. yes of course, same as any other game. however, even with it's bugs and other technical issues, the main quest story was a bit shorter then I would have liked etc.. it's still the most fun I have had with a game in years.

I have a load of friends who are total fps junkies, the kind that would not touch an rpg with a golf club is you paid them to.. and they are all playing skyrim, not MW3, not BF3. That says it all to me really.
SpartanQ8  +   1220d ago
HonestGamers my A$$
3ldiablo666  +   1220d ago
They are the new EDGE.
torchic  +   1220d ago
yup. that's what they want. this site is building a reputation around giving games lower-than-usual scores for games. a good way to separate themselves from the mass of other gaming websites out there. are they honestly reviewing games harshly, or just fishing big for hits? don't know. but it's obviously working.
Trenta27  +   1220d ago
Which is sad. =(
humbleopinion  +   1220d ago
People mistake HonestGamers for the specific reviews by Tom Chick which they don't like, and that is just because they can't separate their personal emotional attachment from a critical perspective. Hell, most of the people who criticize the critic don't even bother to read the review.

I read it, and I think that Tom nails all the problems in Skyrim, so the review is a valid opinion and a well written one. And this comes from someone like me who thinks Skyrim is the definite game of the year and leaves all other games made this year in the dust. The scope and ambition of this game is just so big that even with all the flaws I still find it head and shoulders above anything else.

And yet, I can understand and accept this 7/10 review.
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Dougz_G  +   1220d ago
Knew this was just for hits, seriously crying over the most smallest things wen there is so much good about the game. Ye its not perfect but damn it is game of the year material.

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