Ziff Davis staff holds impromptu GameSpot rally

A number of Ziff Davis staffers (including a few writers for 1UP, arguably GameSpot's biggest competition) recently crafted an uplifting banner and marched to the GameSpot offices just two blocks away. The demonstration was a response to the recent unexplained firing of GameSpot contributor Jeff Gerstmann. After hearing the rumors that Gerstmann was fired due to pressure from advertisers following his lackluster review of Kane and Lynch, the ZD staff decided to show their support for their fellow gaming journalist.

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gamesblow3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

I really, really, really hate that girl holding up the right hand side of that idiotic sign. Like, loath. She's such a moronic twit! Anyways, this is nothing but a chance to pounce onto sympathy votes and get more subs and readers to their site and mag. It shows they are the compassionate ones and if they support their "fellow" reviewers so much... Why don't they offer Jeff a job where they work?

P.S. Look at that bunch of SLOP DONGS! Look at them... all of them. These are not normal people. Check out the dude in the last picture form the right on the bottom. He's wearing a yellow shirt a giant ass ear ring and lip stick. What the sam F*CK is going on here? These smacks are morons! They're all like 30 and they dress like they're 15 and that one [email protected] RASH who I hate has a damn puppy in her purse... What degenerates. I mean, these are the people who need to be hit with missiles.

ErcsYou3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Thats a little harsh but i get were your going with it and i agree.

Everybody @ N4G look at these people. . . .This is where our game reviews come from, and its making me depressed. These people are losers.... a bunch of super dorks and ugly chicks.. i wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with them let alone accepting their "opinions" on my favorite games. Fu$k them... where are all the hardcore gamers at? their obviously not at GameSpot or 1up.. i'm tired of these happy go lucky gamers dressing like fruitcakes and hugging the nuts of major review sites. Their reviews are misleading and way off most of the time.. I hope GameSpot burns..

Edit to all below me...

Do my words irk you? good.... first off its not about fashion sense or being a " Hot socialite " its how you carry your self. i guess what im trying to say is if your a little hardcore yourself..( graffiti,music, a little violent, a little thugish) your probably asking your self "why would i listen to these corny mo fo's for?"

OatLoops3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

I find it odd that regular posters on a videogame website would negatively judge someone by their looks. You both must be hot socialites with a fierce fashion style, huh? I doubt it. Be nice, guys.

Bill Nye3949d ago

Yeah, everyone on N4G is hot stuff, right? Especially you guys. Damn. Way to go.

solar3949d ago

holy crap get off your high horses. because they dont look like the rest of society doesnt mean they are any less of a person then you are your hieness. and how can you look at someone and tell if they are a hardcore gamer?

the judgmental always have short comings of themselves they are trying to hide. lemme guess? pre-op trannies right?

socomnick3948d ago

I think games blow has too many bubbles for his own good.

Nice thing they did supporting a fellow game reviewer who lost his job.

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Retro-Virus3949d ago

"1UP, arguably GameSpot's biggest competition"

Wow, talk about dumb leading the dumber !!

beoulve3949d ago

yup dumb and dumber in Game Reviewer site.

Elginer3949d ago

If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Yeah that applies here.

felman873949d ago

I wonder why they didn't invite me

goldenxbox3949d ago

There is a petition up at 315+ signatures and counting, we must send a message to them!!!


We will not stand for paid off reviews, regardless of what system we own!!!!!!!

KidMakeshift3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

I'll go round up Gandalf, and Legolas

Bnet3433949d ago


Muppetmeat3949d ago

And you wonder why you've never gotten a girl.

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