Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review - HonestGamers Review (8/10)

Verdict: "Uncharted is a true next-gen experience, complete with the visuals and immersion gamers are often promised but seldom see. It has its problems, sure, but you'll learn to live with them just fine."

Rating: 8 (out of 10)

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gamesblow3824d ago

Scoring doesn't matter anymore... The last week Uncharted has got 8 reviews in that were 9's and 10's and perfects. Yet, they're still sitting with 27 over all reviews tabulated on the % sites. That shows me nothing is even. Nothing. Even more so, to be fair why does the xbox 360 have over 81 sites on their gamerankin page that go for scores, yet the ps3 has 67 ? That doesn't make it fair to me. IT maks it a little uneven, if you ask me. I mean... 81 sites can give the xbox 360 game all 9's and 67 culd give the ps3 game all 9's and the xbox 360 game would still come out looking better for larger bulk %

It's not fair and so many idiots are seeing this.

WilliamRLBaker3824d ago

same can be said for the ps2 and ps1 generation by sheer ammount of games those systems will all ways look better.

BrianC62343824d ago

I'm not sure about this review. I didn't read most of it. I read the part that talks about the problems. Too many gunfights is a problem? I don't get it. How can that be bad? Did they just have to find something to pick apart?

lawman11083824d ago

The people who buy PS3's DO NOT BUY GAMES. They wanted a BR player that had an option of playing games. Even I bought uncharted and I am more a 360 guy. F u Talyboy you "MO"

Baba19063824d ago

8 is not bad at all. who cares anyway the game rules. the game hasnt any revie under 8, i think that says enough about this amazingly fun game.

Bubble Buddy3824d ago

HonestPaidGamers review. yeah. on metascore, I'm waiting for like 10 reviews for ratchet that were 90 and up...

Kareshi_X3824d ago

8/10 Means The Game Is Good Either its Reviewer is Biased or Not. I Could Care Less if it had a 10/10 Score or a 8/10 as Long That The Game is fun to Play.

Brian52473824d ago

I only Play GamEs With 10's LolAWlbnaanas

Kareshi_X3824d ago

Then U Wont Be Playing a Lot Of Game This Year My Friend.

the worst3824d ago

and go have fun doing nothing

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The story is too old to be commented.