Sony caught violating GPL (General Public License)

The Inquirer - Nick Farrell, Wednesday, 28 November 2007:

"Open sourcer, Alexander Strange was snuffling around the European release of the game ICO when he noticed new files SRCFILE.TXT and TRFILE.TXT and had a look at them.

In amongst the tangled code were bits of the GPL library libarc for compressed data handling.

Sony, which is a big champion of protecting creative rights, has failed to credit the code's author or mention libarc or the GPL."

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PimpHandHappy3885d ago

is the like a counter to all the MS lawsuit news we have been seeing here?

anyway i dont understand because when i read "In amongst the tangled code were bits of the GPL library libarc for compressed data handling" i kinda feel stupid and dont understand the big deal here...

i will check back for enlightement in a few

jaja14343885d ago

Basically its the same as when you write a paper. You have to cite your sources and any quotes you use have to be credit to whoever said that.

The same thing goes for coding. If I used this bit of code that someone else wrote in my program, I would have to credit them for writing such code. After all its the least you could do.

godofthunder103884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

here we go again,if this was microsoft we would never hear the end of it,but this is sony,they never do anything wrong,talk about HTPICRITICAL people.they alway try and spin bad news for sony into good news and good news for microsoft into bad news and it'a PATHETIC to see people act as if a video game system is like god, perfect in every way.

Darkiewonder3885d ago

I'm going to sit and watch how this goes :o

solar3885d ago

this article is right next to the britney spears marries walrus story.

YoMeViet3885d ago

Wow the author of the article sure sounded pissed at Sony, just read the first sentence of his article...

"MAKER of exploding batteries, Sony has been illegally dipping its toe into Open Sauce code libraries to build a PS2 game."

And LOL at this part

"On some of the boards there is talk that if Sony are caught breaking the GLP it might have to open sauce the whole game."

bootsielon3885d ago

They're down below with gamespot in the underworld of credibility (or lack thereof)

jorellpogi3885d ago

I thought The Inquirer articles are non-fiction. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.