TVG Reviews Aliens vs. Predator Requiem

Rebellion return to the AVP series after 8 years' absence, with the official game of this Christmas' movie...

It's been a long time since Oxford based developers Rebellion has taken the helm of an Aliens vs. Predator game. Their first title on the doomed Atari Jaguar, released in 1995, is widely regarded as one of the best games on the console. Four years later, Rebellion released another critically acclaimed AVP game on the PC. It's fair to say that the developers were masterful craftsmen when it came to creating game worlds inspired by the cult-classic comic book series.

Unfortunately, it appears that Rebellion has lost their way a little when it came to developing their new title, Aliens vs. Predator Requiem, the official game of the movie that's due out this Christmas Season. Okay, so the fact that it's a film licensed game should've tipped off to the fact that it would be a stinker; but we at TVG were really hoping that entrusting the franchise under the rich heritage of the Rebellion name would counteract this somewhat. Unfortunately, we at TVG were very wrong.

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eleaz143881d ago

if the movie sucked too...

Polluted3881d ago

That's to bad about the game. I really enjoyed the one on the PC a few years back. AVP the movie was god awful though. I'm one of those sci-fi geeks who can overlook some issues here and there. I liked Terminator: 3. I didn't really mind Episode 1, Episode 2 was alright and I really liked Episode 3. Hell I even liked Alien 4...the point being I'm not hard to please. AVP was the god damn worst piece of crap movie I've ever seen. So it's not entirely surprising that this game based on the sequel to one of the worst movies in years isn't that great. Kind of a shame though. The IP still has potential.