How Microsoft Can Make You Feel Happier About Having to Pay for Xbox Live

Phillip Levin of writes, "It's that time of the year again. I first became a subscriber of Xbox Live four years ago sometime in December, and that means each December I prepare to watch Microsoft debit my checking account while I ponder what it is exactly that I am paying the company $50 a year for. Sure, when you look at how much we spend on games these days – at $60 bucks a pop, the hobby isn't cheap – just $50 every 12 months isn't that bad. Truthfully, things could be worse. But, then again, there's that rebellious part of me that questions what it is exactly we are getting for the money we pay to use Xbox Live – even if it's really not all that much money in the wider scheme of things."

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THAMMER13915d ago


& if your smart you would scout on line sources such as and other to find deals. I have only paid $50.00 once I paid $25.00 when the 360 launched. is where I score at the most when it comes to XBL deals.

TOM3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

I re-uped in november for 29.99 through amazon with free shipping.And that was for 13 months not 12.

sticky doja3915d ago

But if its only $30 bucks from amazon I might stick with them.

TheMART3914d ago

If you're still able to find XBOX 1 subscriptions on Live for 12 months... Those work also!

I bought a couple of them in rebait for 20 Euro's each. So the next couple of years I am fine, three years of Live for 60 Euro's. If you can find them still: those codes work also on the 360!

lessthanmarcus3914d ago

Give me free stuff. I'm not getting anything for $50 except the ability to chat in game (which I never do anyway). Give me like a magazine subscription, free XBL games. SOMETHING

gta_cb3914d ago

what is your gamertag?

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benny o klaatt3915d ago

we pay £40 but ebay today was £26 buy it now.

BIoodmask3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

If you don't want the sercice don't pay for it, simple as that. You still have access to all of the other content on Live besides the online gaming portion without the Gold membership.

When Microsoft first brought Live to market over 5 years ago it was a shadow of what it is now. There is a considerable increase in the amount of content that is now available. So it is pretty obvious that Microsoft has reinvested some of the revenue they have attained over the years to make XBL an even better experience for gamers.

I used to do all of my online gaming on PC, but now I am usually on Live. I think that if Live "was" free the quality of the service would not even be close to what it is today.

TOM3915d ago

You get what you pay for. I don't want anything free from MS. The yearly fee is one of the easiest things I;ve ever paid for in gaming

mark093914d ago

I would rather save that $500 dollars that you will spend on the online service to buy the next consoles that come out.

Genuine3914d ago

Like the author of this teenage rant, I have been a member o Live for 4 years. Unlike this author, I believe Live is worth the $4.25 a month that I pay for it. Also, peer to peer hosting isn't as bad as this kid is whining about. And contrary to popular myth, lag exists on dedicatd servers aswell (I'm looking at you EA). This article sounds more like a fast food employee blaming MS because he has a low paying job.

zonetrooper53915d ago

I really do not mind paying £2 something a month, £40 a year for a service which is amazing. Yes it does have its flaws which I'm sure MS will be working on to make sure they are better.

I also own a PS3 as well and PSN is not that great, its alot better than PS2 online but not that much, at least its free. The EU store for PSN is a joke compared to the USA store. However they will improve over time.

pswi603915d ago

i am very upset with XBL right now. today i tried to create an account for my buddy to play Halo 3. the 360 froze, and when it rebooted it said i had to recover my gamertag. When i tried to recover it, it gave me an error message "xbox live signup is unavailable at this time".

After 3 calls to support, which included 5 different CSRs of which i couldnt understand one, 2 hangups, useless troubleshooting, several reference numbers, etc...i was finally told that the engineering dept. is doing unscheduled maintenance to prepare for the fall update, and that i have to wait 48 hours until my gamertag may be available.

i dont feel that spending 4 hours on a saturday troubleshooting something that is not my problem is a good justification for paying a monthly subscription. i have never had any problems like this with the PSN. my lost gamertag is r4di8t0r, and im not sure if i will get my captain status in Halo 3 back without doing it all over again.

Thanks Microsoft.

TOM3915d ago

Its merely a site update.EVERY site has to do maintenance.Nothing is lost.

jiggyjay3915d ago

If you haven't had any problems with PSN that just means you don't have PSN or you don't use it a lot...

Genuine3914d ago

Your info is still there, no need to worry.