Gamespot Editor Says CNET Firing a "Disaster"

"Remember SimCity? Remember what a joy it was to build up a fully functioning, living, breathing city, full of life and wonderment? Then, at some point down the road, after you've built up your city to the peak of its productiveness, you'd start mashing the disaster button and a wide variety of tornadoes, earthquakes, and fake Godzillas would come tromping through, laying fiery waste to every bit of what you'd worked so painstakingly to create? Yeah. It's a little bit like that. Except someone hit the disaster button for me."

- GameSpot editor Alex Navarro on the state of CNET after the tech publisher fired his colleague Jeff Gerstmann, editorial director of the videogame-reviews site, on still-unexplained grounds.

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games4fun3824d ago

i think his analogy is funny and accurate but I still dont like the review site and i only use ign now, and myself as a game reviewer, seriously a gameplay video will tell you more than a reviewer ever could.

gamesblow3824d ago

I don't see why people are so upset... Jeff will go on to someother magazine or website and make a better salary and probably beable to experess himself better. His Kane & Lynch review played out more like a tame AVGN review, if you ask me. So, I wouldn't put it past him to start doing reviews like that. IT's absurd. I can't wait til it's all over.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3824d ago

This is absurd. Immature gamers will emotionally attach onto anything these days even if its an overweight video game reviewer.

By new years, this will be very old news. Hopefully it runs its course (most of it anyways) in the next week or two.

evolution543824d ago

better watch what they say or their next in line to get the boot!

Okay seriously, we need to move on and unless a major outbreak occurs, I don't want to see this posted on N4G again. :-D

PS3Freak3824d ago

these posts will never STOP MUAHAHAHAHAHAHa..... but seriously enough with these.

media733824d ago

Number 8

Its not about Jeff, its about corruption i the games industry, they have been lying about reviews because the advterisers are paying more for better scores, dont you get it? its fraud, they have been lying to us.

Cnet, Lamespot and edios are multi millionaires and for what? seriously what? I hope they all rot. and choke on all the money they have,

Cyrus3653824d ago


It's not about Jeff or Gamespot anymore. If you think gamespot is the only one that has done something like this before, your kidding yourself. There are millions of dollars that's in play here folks, everyone likes money, especially these big sites, that have multiple people to support. It's not about gamespot getting caught. It's not like a newspaper who gets multiple, and various source of $$$, and can be free and critical on a movie review or a game review. These sites like 1up, IGN, Gamespot, etc. most of their money, advertisement dollars come from Gaming related products, so they feel much more pressure, whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

It's about who can you trust? What sites is good, and what sites are not?

I think the days of review scores are done, there needs to be reform, and until then, it's on the gamer themselves. That means go out and download the demo, or go out and rent the game.

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