Burnout Paradise - Stunt Run Trailer

EA has posted this latest trailer of Burnout Paradise on youtube.

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Demorus3435d ago

good trailer can t wait for this game it will be awesome

creeping judas3435d ago

cant wait for this game!!! i havent liked all the other burnouts that much, but with an open city, awesome!!!

Korosuke3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Thank, MaximusPrime. Good trailer.
EA, please give us HD trailer and that'd be nice many crash scenes included.

This year is kinda FPS year.

Burnout, GTA, Midnight club, Getaway, new Test Drive(?), new Driver(?)

I believe next year will be the good car action games year.

micro_invader3435d ago

I can't wait to see some next gen crashes. this is gonna be one of the best games of 08 =D

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The story is too old to be commented.