Which Is The Most Powerful Weapon in Battlefield 3? List of Damaging Weapon Effects Unveiled

PC Games writes: "A Battlefield 3 player delivers on its website a comprehensive list of all weapons. Now you can compare the weapons."

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Mutant-Spud2303d ago

The cannon on the MBT usually does the trick ;)
It depends on the player too, my squad got obliterated last night in squad death match by these maniac engineers running and gunning around Seine crossing with M4's and AKSU'S and seemingly endless supplies of grenades...these nutters figured out where our spawn beacon was and were vaulting over the railing above and literally landing on us as we spawned...It was horrifying.
I'm screaming "Don't spawn on the BEEEEEEAAAACON!"...but to no avail.

spektical2303d ago

hmm i use the M4 for engineers, and everything else i use the first weapon you can have.

i still cant my sniper shots rite.. it was much easier in bc2

Mutant-Spud2303d ago

I admire people who can snipe, fly helos and jets in BF3, I've never been able to get the aircraft off the ground and I can't snipe for shit.

tepkisiz2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

It is so fun to fly after you get the hang of it, but it requires a lot of suicides and bad decisions in the beginning.
Jets are easier to learn but hard to master, choppers on the other hand are hard to learn, nearly impossible to master ;) they are more effective though.

gamesmaster2303d ago

choppers are so much fun when mastered.

On Damavand Peak i can fly the z-11 and little birds through the tunnel to give support inside. i love peoples reactions when a heli unloads over their head.

MRMagoo1232303d ago

Sniping is all i do in BF3, I really dont like the other classes much the only thing i want for my sniper set to make it complete is some way to kill a tank by myself like i could in Bad company. A tip for sniping if you find it hard is too stick to it till you get the bipod then its miles easier.

Drabent2303d ago

any carbine with acog, G36 would own if the guns didn't kick so hard.

RememberThe3572303d ago

I hate the acog sight. That upside-down V just bothers me. I have yet to find a sight I really like. But I've only been playing for a few days and have only seem about 4 of them.

Drabent2302d ago

The (hold) sights pretty good, has the zoom of acog but solid dot and ring in the middle. Takes awhile to unlock though.

SignifiedSix2303d ago

I think the M416 is overpowered I always die with one shot with that thing. And the SAW. People effin snipe with that thing pretty much. I feel a nerf is required for those two.

Jdub895O2303d ago

if you thought the heavy machine guns were bad in this game,you shouldve played bad company 2 . It was the ultimate class to be honest.

Mutant-Spud2303d ago

Hehe, the M60 with the scope, I remember it well, blowing snipers out of the trees on Arica Harbour from the top floor of the construction site, happy days.
Plus the gunner was also the medic class, you could really clean up the XP with revives and health packs.

SignifiedSix2303d ago

Oh yeah, i have over 700 hours logged into that game lol. I know how bad the Heavies were! xD

jocomat92303d ago

i aLways get killed in the first shot with that weapon. (no headshot)

rattletop2303d ago

i prefer to use the type 88lmg. i m waiting to unlock f2000 though.

Mutant-Spud2303d ago

The F2000 is cool, I think the first accessory that unlocks for it is the AKOG.

Septic2303d ago

The F2000 is mental! You don't even have to aim- just hip fire close-mid range.

With an IRNV scope it is SUPER-POWERED. I suggest you use the IRNV while you can because its going to get nerfed soon.

gamesmaster2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

AEK-971 + heavy barrel + fore-grip. ultimate weapon if you ask me.

Edgeofglory2301d ago

wow after the nonsense u spoke about halo u dont deserve an opinion,troll.

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