10 Greatest Game Characters Ever

Here is the list of the Ten Greatest Game Characters of All Time, voted on by the gaming public.

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Poisen3880d ago

Agreed! That list is crap! Mario? Lara Croft? Sonic? On top 10?

List should include
-Tommy Vercetti

stunt2133880d ago

why would altair and dante be on the list? they're two very cool characters, but even pickachu is more famous than those two.

games4fun3880d ago

all he can do is say his name its a me mariiiooo. thats it how is he a great character, character as in actual story development so far he has been stuck saving that b$tch all the time.

MK_Red3880d ago

1.WTF is Pikachu doing there?
2.No Kratos, Sam Fisher and Prince mean one thing: List FAILS.
3.No character from fighting games? No Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Ryu and such: List FAILS miserably.

Mr_Kuwabara3880d ago

You want Sam Fisher on the top ten characters of ALL TIME? lol

cloud360-7th_account3880d ago

please turn your computer OFF (-)

Demorus3880d ago

sam fisher lol make laught

MK_Red3880d ago

So a list shouold have Pikachu but not Fisher?

TruthbeTold3880d ago

Pokemon is second all time only to Mario in popularity/number of games sold. Pikachu is one of the main reasons for that, Just because you may not like it or respect it doesn't mean it doesn't belong on the list.

MK_Red3880d ago

What say is logical but I still can't get myself to believe Pika could be on the list... Sorry.

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Relientk773880d ago

pikachu was the suprise of that list LOL ... it shouldnt be there

Whoooop3880d ago

What about FROGGER??????

This list is BULLSH*T


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The story is too old to be commented.