Oh the irony, Nintendo news channel admits PS3 beat it in Japan last month.


Ah, the irony: a reader sends us this screenshot of the Nintendo Wii News channel admitting its own four-week "defeat" against the Sony PlayStation 3. It's either that a) the channel editors feel they are not being paid enough, b) that Nintendo doesn't give a damn about giving the losing side some respite, c) nobody edits the channel or d) you are all a bunch of Apple Sony fanboys

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PS360WII3950d ago

or e) It was part of the news.

Honestly is it that big of news that Nintendo has the respect to say hey for 1 month we weren't the top seller for home consoles. No I think it was a nice 'ata boy' to Sony.

mikeslemonade3950d ago

Nintendo isn't afraid because they have a considerable lead over the PS3 in Japan anyway. Wiifit may be gangbusters next week. Look out!

Bonsai12143950d ago

i'm confused at "apple sony fanboys"

but yeah, ps360wii, its news. good or bad, they're supposed to publish it

Mr_Kuwabara3950d ago

Well they said the right thing, what's to be ashamed of? It would've been stupid if they said otherwise...

Armyless3950d ago

"This article has been removed for it's accuracy. We apologize for the inconvenience, please stay tuned."

solar3950d ago

apple sony fanbois? wth...

nintendo manned up and admitted they lost a month. oh well the world still spins. news is news...

Snipes203950d ago

Publishing a news story that didn't glorify Nintendo on it's own channel shows maturity. They even had the story about Nintendo failing the "environmental safety" rating or whatever it was. This helps prove that Nintendo puts newsworthy stuff out there instead of using this channel to gloat.

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The story is too old to be commented.