Schizoid Hands-On First Look By Gamespot

Microsoft's XNA initiative has finally borne some real fruit. The Xbox 360 maker positioned XNA as an easily accessible development platform for small-time and indie developers to create games that would work on both the 360 and Windows. Early next year, Bellevue, Washington-based developer Torpex Games will become the first developer to release an XNA-developed game, Schizoid, on Xbox Live Arcade. We got the exclusive first hands-on with the game to see what kind of mind-bending stuff Torpex has come up with.

Schizoid is like the two-player hybrid love child of Geometry Wars and classic Japanese shooter Ikaruga. Players have an overhead action stage full of brightly colored, abstract enemies. Half of the enemies are blue, and half are orange. They also have two ships, each controlled by one of two players. One ship is blue, one orange. See where this is going? Each ship can only destroy enemies of like color (by colliding with them; there are no guns), while one brush with an enemy of the other color means doom.

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Bonsai12143951d ago

that looks potentially really cool. especially for shump fans like me.

TOM3951d ago

If the first look is from gamespot,I'll just wait for the second look,thank you very much.
No cnet,no gamespot,no eidos.