Jack Thompson on Rockstar Games Video

Here's a link to the video of Jack Thompson on Rockstar games.

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BattleAxe3910d ago

Why do people keep giving this guy any attention. Clearly he isn't making a difference so why don't we just all let it go. If this guy has nothing better to do than go on the news and complain about vidoe games, then he's got some issues. No need to give him this kind of attention.

persian_prince3910d ago

thompson has got to be the most annoying person next to jeraldo revera (sp?)

Prismo_Fillusion3910d ago

I'm not going to dignify him by watching the video.

Marceles3910d ago

Jack Thompson is so misguided and twisted in the video. When they were arguing about the studies and saying that one study doesn't prove that video games don't make kids anymore violent than before...which basically means only his studies matter and no one elses, and he thinks Rockstar is doing it because of money. If anything, the art of it is that they weren't thinking of money when they were making GTA3. They just had a vision and went with it and it all happened. The object of the game isn't to (quote Jack Thompson) "kill as many people as you can". You can kill people, but then the police come. You don't just go around shooting people, that's a choice of the player. A nice video to piss me anyways...(leaves thread)

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