Rumorang: Gerstmann-gate edition

To sum up what's being said about Gerstmann's situation along with a few more tidbits about additional leavings at Gamespot Joystiq offers up this summarization.

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Diselage3913d ago

Another day of this story and I'll never want to hear Gertmann's name again.

IGNFTW3913d ago


goldenxbox3913d ago

That's why we must all send a message !!

I don't believe GS can remove the stain on their reputation now, thats not possible !!!!

sicknnyc3913d ago

Just get another job big deal I'm sure hes getting TONS of offer$

WafflesID3913d ago

Yeah...THAT is what all this fuss is about. One man without a Job.

*slaps forehead*

And here I thought it was all about the validity of Gamespot's reviews. Glad you showed up to steer me towards the right path...

sicknnyc3911d ago

Do you actually believe the industry! reviews will change You must be crazy. Gaming has evolved into a "billion dollar business" most of these companies Cnet being the biggest one have alot in stock ON High Profile Games that bring in HITS to their website.

Imagine if EVERY Website Reviewed ~HALO 3~ as a Improvement on what made Halo 2 a great game The ONLINE but ultimately fails AGAIN with its STORY!

Thus THE REASON FOR Peter Jackson's REMAKE (Of the Story!)

tplarkin73913d ago

I know this is an old game that nobody cares about, but if you see his video review, he says some untrue things. For example, he said that the girls heads don't follow the volleyball. They do follow the it like flies on poop.