Attention television: that's (still) not how games work

Just when you thought film and TV is beginning to actually respect gaming and take it seriously, things like this pop up. Filled with horribly incorrect statements, the worst montage I've seen in ages, and some pretty outdated gamer stereotypes, I don't think the guys behind the new TV show Life really bothered doing any research on gaming. It's certainly obvious none of their writers have played any game since 1990.

The clip really speaks for itself, though. Watch in wonder as the team (are they police?) tries to get to level 10 on Prince of Persia in order to unlock the secret documents on the Xbox. Then get back to playing your games on your console, which really is just a harddrive with games on it.

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Twizlex3910d ago

What a joke. I saw these dudes playing Halo 3 on the Sarah Silverman program the other day and all they were doing is rapidly pressing all of the buttons and acting like effing idiots. Why don't people understand that's not how CONTROLLERS work either?

Wii60PS3DSPSP3910d ago

People watch that god awful show?

BrianC62343910d ago

What a dork. He has a Captain Kirk costume? Someone beat him up, please.

Foliage3910d ago

That acting reminds me of a wii commercial. Simply terrible.

thereapersson3910d ago

I just saw the commercial for Smackdown Vs. Raw or whatever wrestling game it is on the Wii, and I had to resist throwing my remote at my TV.

Seriously, Wii commercials are the WORST

WAR_MACHINE773910d ago

dumbest thing I've ever seen. hard drive with games on it my ass. even my grandmother knows a console is a far cry from a PC.

OOG FunK3910d ago

Lmfao that dont tell me they aired this type of shiit lmfao.....

OOG FunK3910d ago

n ya know we all stand in the window pretending to do the buttons while watchn people play lmfao shes like the rain man of video games lol

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The story is too old to be commented.