Painful - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - Screen Play Review

The Age's Jason Hill writes a short review of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games on Screen Play: "Anyone been playing Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games over the last week? I have, and my shoulders are sore."

Highlights from his review:
• Frustratingly imprecise controls
• Sport events are exhausting and tiring (due to frenzied arm waving with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk)
• Designed for party play and multiplayer action
• The only (strange) way to unlock all sport events is to complete the circuits alone (on single player,) which is annoying and dull

Conclusion: "If you are really desperate to pit an overweight plumber against a blue hedgehog, Screen Play suggests you wait for next year's Smash Bros. Brawl. Olympic Games can be short-lived amusement with a crowd, but the fun challenges are outnumbered by bland or frustrating events. Such iconic characters deserved better."

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PSWe603947d ago

Yet ANOTHER bad Wii game. It's beginning to look a lot like GameCube

Prismo_Fillusion3947d ago

There are plenty of good games on the Wii, which you should know since you "own" one. No one is forcing you to buy this or any other bad game.

Relientk773947d ago

I dont think Sonic and Mario should have teamed up ... idk

its just weird I guess

Relientk773947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

double post :(