Modern Warfare 3 Multi-Player Review (RGN)

Paul writes: "With this latest release to the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare series, MW3, there have been a few changes to the multiplayer mode. While at the same time changes are being made, almost everything from a technical standpoint is the same. For instance, online problems from the previous installment swept under a rug in a dark corner of the room. Whether it is in hopes that nobody notices or just due to the fact that the regime doesn’t really care what hard core gamers think of their work as long as they get bank, we will never truly know."

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lugia 40002574d ago

Either you want to tell the truth or youre looking for a hit boost on your website.


why would they want to review a game and blast it for ratings, cant people jsut take other gamers opinion for what it is? geeeeez when did gaming become so damn serious

NYC_Gamer2574d ago

maybe he does not enjoy the multi-player experience that mw3 offers.....

jony_dols2574d ago

I have not bought a COD game since MW2, but the MP of the COD games is pretty well rounded package. Competitive deathmatchs with good perks & upgrades and an enjoyable co-op mode with splitscreen & online support.

I hate Activision & the franchise in general, but in all honesty its MP is not a 5/10.


well I have bought and played all the cod games from cod4 to mw2, blackops and now MW3.

Cod4 is a solid 9/10 and I would say MW2 is like an 8.5 or 8. blackops and now this trash, are 5's. I agree with his score for lots of reasons.

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DonaldBeck2574d ago

5/10 means medicore, more of the same. and for a game thats not been updated for ages and added a few new perks here and there, i say welcome to the 5/10 spot mw3.

AmaZinG2574d ago

the rest is pretty damn good

consolez_FTW2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Finally an honest review. I agree with this man. I rented MW3 last night and after playing a few hours, I can't see how anyone spent $60 on this.

Everything is so unbalanced, campers still get rewarded like they're heros, that HOST MIGRATION that happens almost every match, duel wielding any weapon automatically makes the weapons stats OVER 9000, and no memorable maps, they all feel like copy and paste from when I played black ops at my friend's..oh! and don't forget the horrible LAG that comes out from nowhere!

I'll just return MW3 and keep playing Skyrim,SR3,BF3,and MGS HD collect = all better games.

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The story is too old to be commented.