“The One Balance Change You’d Make in Battlefield 3″ Asks DICE Dev

MP1st - DICE developers are looking for feedback to help shape the future of Battlefield 3.

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TheBeast2573d ago

They listen to the community unlike someone else.

Jobesy2573d ago

That's not always a good thing. Why should a few speak for millions? Besides, I think most people want the chat fixed before anything else.

Criminal2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Chat should be fixed as soon as possible. I think they're fixing it in the upcoming patch.

C_Menz2573d ago

Chat is fine unless you play on a low resolution. I play at 1080p on PC and the chat box is small.

papashango2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

the one fix I'd ask for is a working soflam. everyone on pc is complaining about OP airpower after the patch but soflam/javelin combo has about a 9/10 miss rate on everything. Things would balance out if the soflam worked on airpower correctly

BattleAxe2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Bad Company 2 had big time balance issues too. I'm surprised that these guys can't figure this stuff out on their own. Its almost like they never login to play on the PS3 or 360 for a few nights per week. Maybe if they did, it would be clear as day in terms of what needs to be fixed. European developers never seem to get the most obvious things right whether its Crysis 2(Crytek), Killzone 3 (Guerrilla Games) or Battlefield (DICE). Since Socom 4 was such a mess I've been wondering if ZIPPER Interactive hired a bunch of Europeans right after they completed SOCOM: Combined Assault on PS2.

DasBunker2573d ago

how about they bring the god damn console patch already? certification my ass

deadpoole2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

For the love of God Dice ... Give us an option to turn that next gen filter on/off option. That color gradient filter (which I believe is step 18) is ruining this otherwise beautiful game.

Give this on/off option and this game is GOLDEN.


BF1943 has such amazing perfect responsive aiming controls ... copy the same to BF3 plssss. Im justs askin for aiming controls, everythin else is fine in controls dept. except ... Stabbin ... add counter stabbin controls plss.

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SWORDF1SH2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Mortar Canon!

Tactical light

Edit 2:
And sort out the joining game problem and stop splitting up the squad when you do get to join a game

Mister_V2573d ago

To me, I sort of wish the classes could be re-balanced some how. Not much point to playing anything other than the Engineer Class, if you really want to be effective and win a match.

iistuii2573d ago

I just don't see the need for any other class, but don't know how they could change it.

HSx92573d ago

People like you piss me off, seriously, every class is important, especially the Medic class, I hate fucking dying and not seeing a medic around anywhere, which is why I beocme medic and revieve people and heal them, it makes such a big difference in the game to revive that one player, so please stop being an ass, and understand every other class is just as important.

KaBaW2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I always play as a medic and revive eryone, cause there's never any medics.
But, I hate when there are other medics and they don't revive or heal you .. -.-
Like, seriously, whadafuxkup .. why are you even a medic, then?! Geez.

Mister_V2573d ago

Then... why do I see so teams only made up of only Engineers? You're right, every class is important. But, what we see in-game doesn't lend to your argument.

torchic2573d ago

that's true. my favourite weapon in the game is the SV98 but i can't really use it much because i'm not as effective with the Recon setup as i am with an Engineer setup.

Gamer-Z2573d ago

I know people don't want to hear this because what i am suggesting is for BF3 to take a page out of COD's playbook but why don't they just give you the freedom to build your own class with any type of gun and secondary you want? I think that's one of COD's best qualities is that it doesn't force into a specific load out.

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FanboyPunisher2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Nerf AA

Shit rapes eveything in the skies, and everything on the ground too.. people can go 70 - 0 in an AA after the recent patch. Nerf the method people exploit repairing too.

OP as hell.

dorron2573d ago

I've seen people shooting and repairing a bot once and again to gain extra points. That's lame...

bumnut2573d ago

You can already do that on PC, each server has its own health setting. I like the ones with 60% health, its not fun when it takes a full clip to get a kill.

spektical2573d ago

vastly decrease accuracy on submachines for engineers.. that would fix things up nicely...

and please, give us something more to do with the recon bots.... they are pretty useless especially when your team doesnt look at the spotted enemies on their HUD.

Colonel_Dante2573d ago

I want a shotgun on my engineering bot. I mean, its useless if not played in Rush. and in real life it can be equiped. and damn.... reduce the power of the Scar...

papashango2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Mav's are awesome if you're looking to troll servers.

Troll tip:

you and a buddy join a server join opposite teams fly your mav over to him and he loads it with c4. fly it to your airfield and park it on the runway or the helo spawn. Or if you're lucky find a group of 4 people waiting for a quadruple kill.

works great on grand bazaar when there's 6 or so people hiding in the rooms in B alley.

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