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Brutal Gamer writes:

Telltale games makes excellent adventure games; it’s a known fact. So when I saw that they were the ones developing the JP game, I was intrigued. A point and click adventure game? How would that keep up with the action pacing of the movies? So I began to worry as I do, and fretted over how awful the IP was going to be butchered. I love Telltale, but…I just couldn’t imagine it.

Luckily, I’m an idiot.

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blumatt2550d ago

I'm definitely gonna try this out. I hope they come out with a Jurassic Park 4. I just bought the JP bluray trilogy. It looks amazing on bluray.

rezzah2550d ago

My bro checked it out on wiki yesterday, another trilogy is coming out starting with Jurassic Park 4 in 2013.

blumatt2550d ago

Oh, ok. I hope it's got at least some of the main characters from previous movies. I hate when they change the actors in movies. Pisses me off.

ClydeRadcliffe2550d ago

8.5? bloody hell someone was feeling generous/drunk today! i'm a huge jurassic park fan, and an even bigger telltale one, but this is barely even a game. fun story and a nice take on the franchise, but a game? no. it's a series of vaguely interactive cut scenes one after the other