"Top 5 Skyrim Secrets"

BuyPoe's list of 5 of the top most useful, interesting or just plain cool secret quests and occurrences in the world of Skyrim

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Tsuru2576d ago

I like how the guy thinks that that sword is

"one of the best swords Skyrim has to offer"


"It can kill almost anything in roughly one or two hits – striking at 33 damage and burning the target for 10 points."

Oh yea? My bow does 86 damage with 12 damage arrows and 5 fire dmg and even that takes 5 or 6 hits just to kill normal guys.

AllroundGamer2576d ago

i think the enemies level up with you, so it depends on your level how strong they are.

Tsuru2575d ago

They do. But its still the claim that he's making as if its some BIG SECRET.

SwampCroc2575d ago

I want to say certain weapons and items are level based like and some are set stats... not 100% sure yet...

but I think that's how they did it in oblivion

snipermk02575d ago

The red eagle bane sword is WEAK. My upgraded daedric sword does 70 point damage. I sold the red eagle sword to a merchant almost immediately. If anything, the best weapon in the game is a Sanguine's rose. It conjures a bad ass demora to fight for you for 60 seconds. The bloody things is so overpowered that my demora pwned a frost dragon in under 10 seconds. :[

Reborn2575d ago

I kept that, was really tempted to sell it. But those items I decided to keep as 'treasure'. Now I wanna try it out, ahhaha.


sonicsidewinder2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Best Sword EU.

NeoTribe2574d ago

Yeah hes obviously only put few hours in. I found that sword and sold it right away. After much blacksmithing ive created a bow that does 309 dmg, and theres still enemies that dont die 1 hit.

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strange19862575d ago

The werewolf thing isn't really a secret, as it happens pretty much automatically during the Companions questline.

Drake_Seraphim2575d ago

Red Eagles Bane?! LMAO!!! I'd be real upset it I believed this article and went to Red Eagle Redoubt in hopes of finding the game's best weapon.

potedude2575d ago

Be a werewolf and a vampire? That's a bit Twilight. All we need is Edward and whoever the other guy is to come out and dance around.

But seriously, Twilight sucks...

peowpeow2575d ago

Do you sparkle in the sun? :p

TurboGamer2575d ago

33 damage for a sword? might as well just drop your pants and bend over so that the enemy's can have a good time with I'm level 41 and can take down a dragon no problem with my duel welded legendary enhanced skyforge steel swords with 81 damage each. As soon as I can find a blacksmith potion I will enhance two ebony swords and a ebony armor set.
Note: I have not jet completed the main quest because I'm busy collecting dragon shouts and trying out some mods.

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The story is too old to be commented.